RESILIA™ Foundation Awareness Components (itSM751)

Course Overview
This course teaches students about cyber resilience and risk management.
Course Introduction 1m
Course Introduction
Chapter 01 – Introduction to RESILIA™ Foundation 12m
Lesson: Course Organization
Welcome to the Course!
Why Are You Here?
Using Bloom’s Taxonomy
What do you Expect?
Housekeeping Online
Quizzes & Exercises
RESILIA Foundation Exam
Getting Started with an Online Class
Chapter 02 – Introduction to Cyber Resilience 45m
Learning Objectives
Key Terms-to-Know for Cyber Resilience
Lesson: What is Cyber Resilience?
How did we get here?
Living in a Tough Neighborhood
Prevention is not Resilience
Cyber Resilience Defined
Benefits of Cyber Resilience
Lesson: Balance & Management Systems
When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Getting the Balance Right
Balancing Risk & Opportunity
Management Systems
IT Service Management Lifecycle
ITSM Lifecycle & Cyber Resilience Strategy
ITSM Lifecycle & Cyber Resilience Design
ITSM Lifecycle & Cyber Resilience Transition
ITSM Lifecycle & Cyber Resilience Operation
ITSM Lifecycle & Cyber Resilience CSI
Lesson: People, Process & Technology
Cyber Resilience and People, Process & Technology
People & Cyber Resilience
Process & Cyber Resilience
Technology & Cyber Resilience
Lesson: Cyber Resilience Needs
Core of Information Security
Lesson: Summary
What is Cyber Resilience?
Management Systems
People, Process & Technology
Cyber Resilience Needs
Chapter 03 – Risk Management 24m
Learning Objectives
Key Terms-to-Know for Risk Management
Lesson: What is Risk Management?
What is it?
Why do we need it?
Methods & Standards
Assets, Threats, Vulnerabilities & Risks
Lesson: Risk Management in Action
Actions to Address Risks & Opportunities
Establish Context
Establish Criteria
Risk Identification
Risk Analysis & Evaluation
Risk Treatment
Risk Monitoring & Review
Lesson: Summary
What is it?
Why do we need it?
Actions to Address Risks & Opportunities
End of Chapter
Chapter 04 – Managing Cyber Resilience 30m
Learning Objectives
Lesson: Management of Cyber Resilience
Purpose & Scope of Management Systems
Management System
Governance, Management & Compliance
Frameworks & Standards
ISO/IEC 27001
NIST Cyber Security Framework
Lesson: Adopt, Adapt & Improve
Darwin & Cyber Resilience
Cyber Resilience & Improvement
Continual Improvement as a Survival Strategy
Improvement Becomes Core
An Agile/Continual Improvement Approach
Continual Improvement as a New Normal
Adopt, Adapt & Improve
Lesson: Summary
Managing Cyber Resilience Summary
Adopt, Adapt & Improve
End of Chapter
Chapter 05 – RESILIA™ Foundation Summary 6m
Total Duration: 6h 38m

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