RESILIA™ Practitioner Awareness Components (itSM761)

Course Overview
This course teaches students about thinking differently, risk management, and the CSI
approach to becoming cyber resilient.
Course Introduction 3m
Course Introduction
Chapter 01 – Introduction to RESILIA™ Practitioner 11m
Lesson: Course Organization
Welcome to the Course!
Why Are You Here?
Using Bloom’s Taxonomy
What do you Expect?
Housekeeping Online
Quizzes & Exercises
RESILIA Certification Exam
Getting Started with an Online Class
Chapter 02 – Think Different 53m
Lesson: A Different Perspective
Prevention is not Resilience
Cyber Resilience Defined
Cyber Resilience Starts with the Board
Strategic Perspective for RESILIA
Perspective & Position CR considerations
Plan & Patterns CR considerations
Lesson: A Different Way of Doing
Enterprise Resilience (cybersecurity)
Lessons Learned from Applying the 4Ps
Applied to Control Objectives
4Ps Coordinating Processes
ITSM/CR Practice Guide
4Ps in Strategy
4Ps in Design
4Ps in Transition
4Ps in Operation
4Ps in CSI
CR & ITSM Lifecycle Processes
CR – Principles
CR – Themes
Principles of Control Objectives Applied
Themes of Control Objective Realized
Summary: Think Different
Prevention is not Resilience
ITSM/CR Practice Guide
Chapter 03 – Risk Management 44m
Learning Objectives
Lesson: Risk Terminology
Assets, Threats, Vulnerabilities & Risks
Lesson: Risk Management in Action
Overall Risk Context
Address Risks
Establish Context
Establish Criteria
Risk Identification
Risk Analysis & Evaluation
Risk Treatment
Risk Avoidance
Risk Modification
Risk Sharing
Risk Retention
Risk Monitoring & Review
Lesson: Risk Treatment
Risk Treatment
Create a Risk Treatment Plan
Manage the Risk Treatment Plan
Risk Register
Create a Risk Register
Manage the Risk Register
Summary: Risk Management
What is it?
Why do we need it?
Management of Risk
Actions to Address Risks
Risk Treatment Plan
Risk Register
End of Chapter
Chapter 04 – CSI Approach to Becoming Cyber Resilient 1h 19m
Learning Objectives
4Ps in CSI
Lesson: Applying the CSI Approach
CSI Approach to Cyber Resilience
Current Position
Desired Position
How to Get to the Desired Position
Monitor & Measure
How to Keep the Momentum Going
Lesson: 7-Steps to Cyber Resilience Improvement
Using the 7-Step Improvement Process
Step 1 – Strategy for Improvement
Step 2 – Define Measurement
Step 3 – Gather Data
Step 4 – Process Data
Step 5 – Analyze Information & Data
Vision to Measurement
Step 6 – Present & Use Information
Step 7 – Implement Improvement
Lesson: Manage Control Objectives
CR Lifecycle Control Objectives
Control Objectives & CSI
CSI Control Objectives
Cyber Resilience Audit & Review
Technology Review & Audit Applied
Technology Review & Audit Realized
Control Performance Evaluation Applied
Control Performance Evaluation Realized
Control Assessment
Control Assessment Applied
Control Assessment Realized
KPIs, KRIs & Benchmarking
KPIs, KRIs & Benchmarking Applied
KPIs, KRIs & Benchmarking Realized
Business Continuity Improvements
Business Continuity Improvements Applied
Business Continuity Improvements Realized
Process Improvements
Process Improvements Applied
Process Improvements Realized
Remediation & Improvement Planning
Remediation & Improvement Planning Applied
Remediation & Improvement Planning Realized
Summary: CSI Approach to Becoming Cyber Resilient
CSI Approach to Cyber Resilience
Using the 7-Step Improvement Process
CSI Control Objectives
End of Chapter
Chapter 05 – RESILIA™ Practitioner Summary 19m
Lesson: Review
Strategic Perspective for RESILIA
4Ps in Strategy
4Ps in Design
4Ps in Transition
4Ps in Operation
4Ps in CSI
CR Lifecycle Control Objectives
Strategy Control Objectives & Processes
Design Control Objectives & Processes
Transition Control Objectives & Processes
Operations Control Objectives & Processes
Lesson: Exam Preparation
RESILIA Certification Exam
Study Guide
Course Closure
Total Duration: 9h 12m

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