Microsoft Office Word 2016: Part 3

Course Overview
This course covers the advanced functions and features of Word 2016. Students will learn
how to manipulate images, use custom graphic elements, collaborate on documents, add
document references and links, secure a document, use forms to manage content, and
automate repetitive tasks with macros.
Course Introduction 4m
Course Introduction
Chapter 01 – Manipulating Images 25m
Topic A: Integrate Pictures and Text
Size and Cropping Options
Layout Dialog Box Text Wrap Options
Layout Options
Image Position
Layout Dialog Box Position Options
Layout Positions
Demo – Integrating Pictures and Text
Topic B: Adjust Image Appearance
The Adjust Group
Original and Corrected Image
Demo – Adjusting Image Corrections Options
Demo – Adjusting Image Color
Demo – Compressing Pictures
Topic C: Insert Other Media Elements
Demo – Inserting a Video Link
Chapter 01 Review
Chapter 02 – Using Custom Graphic Elements 26m
Topic A: Create Text Boxes and Pull Quotes
Text Boxes
Pull Quotes and Sidebars
Demo – Creating a Text Box
Topic B: Add WordArt and Other Text Effects
Demo – Adding Text Effects to a Document
Topic C: Draw Shapes
Shape Categories
Demo – Drawing Shapes
Topic D: Create Complex Illustrations with SmartArt
The Choose a SmartArt Graphic Dialog Box
Demo – Creating Illustrations with SmartArt
Chapter 02 Review
Chapter 03 – Collaborating on Documents 26m
Topic A: Prepare a Document for Collaboration
Document Sharing
Using Properties to Search for a Document
Demo – Configuring Your User Information
Topic B: Mark Up a Document
Track Changes
Demo – Reviewing a Document
Topic C: Review Markups
Demo – Accepting or Rejecting Changes
Topic D: Merge Changes from Other Documents
Demo – Merging Changes in Separate Documents
Chapter 03 Review
Chapter 04 – Adding Document References and Links 42m
Topic A: Add Captions
The Caption Dialog Box
Demo – Adding Captions
Topic B: Add Cross-References
The Cross-reference Dialog Box
Demo – Adding Cross References
Topic C: Add Bookmarks
The Bookmark Dialog Box
Demo – Creating and Using Bookmarks
Topic D: Add Hyperlinks
The Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box
Demo – Inserting Hyperlinks
Topic E: Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
The Footnote and Endnote Dialog Box
Demo – Inserting Footnotes and Endnotes
Topic F: Add Citations and a Bibliography
The Create Source Dialog Box
The Source Manager Dialog Box
Demo – Inserting Citations and a Placeholder
Chapter 04 Review
Chapter 05 – Securing a Document 20m
Topic A: Suppress Information
Demo – Hiding Text
The Document Inspector Dialog Box
Demo – Removing Personal Information
Topic B: Set Formatting and Editing Restrictions
The Restrict Editing Task Pane
Demo – Setting Formatting and Editing Restrictions
Topic C: Restrict Document Access
Demo – Setting a Password for a Document
Topic D: Add a Digital Signature to a Document
Demo – Preparing a Document to Be Signed
Chapter 05 Review
Chapter 06 – Using Forms to Manage Content 13m
Topic A: Create Forms
Demo – Using the Controls Group
Demo – Locking and Saving a Form
Topic B: Modify Forms
Demo – Removing Controls from a Form
Chapter 06 Review
Chapter 07 – Automating Repetitive Tasks with Macros 29m
Topic A: Automate Tasks by Using Macros
Macros vs. Micro Commands
Demo – Automating Tasks by Using Macros
Demo – Identifying Word Macro Uses and Concerns
Topic B: Create a Macro
The Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Window
Demo – Viewing the Code for an Existing Macro
Demo – Recording and Editing a Macro
Chapter 07 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 3h 5m

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