Microsoft Office Word 2016: Part 2

Course Overview
This course covers the intermediate functions and features of Word 2016. In this series
students will learn about organizing with tables and charts, customizing with styles and
themes, and controlling the flow of a document. Students will learn to use Quick Parts and
templates to automate document formatting. Students will also learn to manage long
documents and use Mail Merge to create letters, envelopes, and labels.
Course Introduction 3m
Course Introduction
Chapter 01 – Organizing Content Using Tables and Charts 41m
Topic A: Sort Table Data
Demo – Sorting Table Data
Single-Level Sort
Topic B: Control Cell Layout
Merged Table Cells
Merged Title Row and Category Cells
Demo – Controlling Cell Layout
Topic C: Perform Calculations in a Table
Formula Examples
Number Format Masks
Formula Arguments
Ink Equations
Demo – Performing Calculations in a Table
Topic D: Create a Chart
Chart Components as Seen in a Bar Chart
Chart Types
The Chart in Microsoft Word Window
Chart Tools
The Caption Dialog Box
Demo – Creating a Chart
Topic E: Add an Excel Table to a Word Document
Copying and Pasting an Excel Table
The Object Dialog Box
Chapter 01 Review
Chapter 02 – Customizing Formats Using Styles and Themes 34m
Topic A: Create and Modify Text Styles
Built-In Style Examples
Styles on the Ribbon
Styles Task Pane Launcher
The Styles Task Pane
Linked Style
Heading and Subheading Styles
The Create New Style from Formatting Dialog Box
Create New Style from Formatting
Modify a Style from the Styles Pane
Style Sets
Demo – Creating and Modifying Text Styles
Topic B: Create Custom List or Table Styles
Creating a New List Style
Creating a New Table Style
Demo – Creating and Modifying List and Table Styles
Topic C: Apply Document Themes
Themes Gallery
The Save Current Theme Dialog Box
Custom Color Sets
Custom Font Sets
Guidelines for Formatting a Word Document
Demo – Applying Document Themes
Chapter 02 Review
Chapter 03 – Inserting Content Using Quick Parts 28m
Topic A: Insert Building Blocks
Quick Parts Menu
Building Blocks Organizer
Building Blocks Pane Columns
Demo – Inserting Building Blocks
Topic B: Create and Modify Building Blocks
The Create New Building Block Dialog Box
Demo – Creating and Modifying Building Blocks
Topic C: Insert Fields Using Quick Parts
Field Codes and Field Values
Field Code Syntax
The Field Dialog Box
Field Dialog Box Showing Field Codes
Field Code Categories
Demo – Inserting Fields Using Quick Parts
Chapter 03 Review
Chapter 04 – Using Templates to Automate Document Formatting 24m
Topic A: Create a Document Using a Template
Word Templates
Filter Templates by Category
Template Storage Locations
Template and Template-Based Document
Demo – Creating a Document Using a Template
Topic B: Create a Template
Save a File as a Template
MacroButton Syntax
Demo – Creating a Template
Demo – Modifying a Template
Topic C: Manage Templates with the Template Organizer
The Template Organizer
Demo – Managing Templates with the Template Organizer
Chapter 04 Review
Chapter 05 – Controlling the Flow of a Document 34m
Topic A: Control Paragraph Flow
Paragraph Flow Control
Demo – Controlling Paragraph Flow
Topic B: Insert Section Breaks
Section Breaks
A Section Break
Demo – Inserting Section Breaks
Topic C: Insert Columns
Columns with Column Breaks
The Columns Dialog Box with Custom Options Set
Demo – Inserting Columns
Topic D: Link Text Boxes to Control Text Flow
Linked Text Boxes
Demo – Linking Text Boxes to Control Text Flow
Chapter 05 Review
Chapter 06 – Simplifying and Managing Long Documents 45m
Topic A: Insert Blank and Cover Pages
Demo – Inserting Cover and Blank Pages
Topic B: Insert an Index
The Index Dialog Box
The Mark Index Entry Dialog Box
Concordance File
Demo – Indexing a Document
Topic C: Insert a Table of Contents
The Table of Contents Dialog Box
The Mark Table of Contents Entry Dialog Box
Demo – Inserting a Table of Contents
Topic D: Insert an Ancillary Table
The Table of Figures Dialog Box
Demo – Inserting a Table of Figures
The Mark Citation Dialog Box
The Table of Authorities Dialog Box
Demo – Adding a Table of Authorities
Topic E: Manage Outlines
Outline View
Demo – Creating and Organizing an Outline
Topic F: Create a Master Document
Master Document
Demo – Creating a Master Document
Chapter 06 Review
Chapter 07 – Using Mail Merge to Create Letters, Envelopes, and Labels 31m
Topic A: The Mail Merge Feature
Mail Merge Fields and Merge Results
Data Source in a Word Table
Mail Merge Fields
Matching Mail Merge Fields
The Insert Greeting Line Dialog Box
More Items Mail Merge Fields
Mail Merge IF Rule
Mail Merge Data Sources
Mail Merge Process
The Mailings Tab
Mail Merge Wizard Steps
The Insert Merge Field Dialog Box
The Mail Merge Recipients Dialog Box
SQL Warning Message
Demo – Peforming a Mail Merge
Topic B: Merge Envelopes and Labels
Envelope with Merge Fields and Merge Results
Demo – Merging Label Data
Chapter 07 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 4h

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