Microsoft Office Word 2016: Part 1

Course Overview
This course covers the basic functions and features of Word 2016. Students will learn
about formatting text and paragraphs, managing lists, adding tables, and inserting graphic
objects. They will also learn how to control page appearance and prepare to publish a
Course Introduction 4m
Course Introduction
Chapter 01 – Getting Started with Word 1h 19m
Topic A: Navigate in Microsoft Word
Word’s Place in Office
Word – Desktop Application or Mobile App
The Office 365 Portal
The Word Application Window
The Ribbon
Demo – Navigating within a Word Document
Topic B: Create and Save Word Documents
Demo – Creating and Saving a New Document
Demo – Saving a Document to a Different File
Demo – Saving Revisions in the Current File
Microsoft OneDrive for Business
Demo – Signing in to Office 365 and OneDrive
Word Online
Demo – Navigating the Word Online Interface
Topic C: Manage Your Workspace
Demo – Managing the Workspace
Topic D: Edit Documents
Demo – Selecting Text
Text Selection Techniques
Demo – Copying and Moving Text
Demo – Editing to Control Paragraph Structure
Topic E: Preview and Print Documents
Demo – Previewing and Printing a Document
Topic F: Customize the Word Environment
Demo – Customizing the Word User Interface
Chapter 01 Review
Chapter 02 – Formatting Text and Paragraphs 51m
Topic A: Apply Character Formatting
Font Formatting in Word
Demo – Applying Font Options
Demo – Highlighting Text
Topic B: Control Paragraph Layout
Paragraph Formatting in Word
Demo – Changing Alignment and Hyphenation
Indent Markers
Demo – Changing Paragraph Indentation
Demo – Setting Line and Paragraph Spacing
Topic C: Align Text Using Tabs
Demo – Aligning Text Using Tabs
Guidelines for Using Tabs and Indents
Topic D: Display Text in Bulleted or Numbered Lists
Demo – Creating a Bulleted List
Topic E: Apply Borders and Shading
Demo – Adding Borders and Shading
Chapter 02 Review
Chapter 03 – Working More Efficiently 30m
Topic A: Make Repetitive Edits
Demo – Using Find and Replace to Edit
Topic B: Apply Repetitive Formatting
Demo – Copying and Repeating Formats
Demo – Clearing Formatting
Topic C: Use Styles to Streamline Repetitive Formatting Tasks
Demo – Creating and Applying Styles
Guidelines to Get Formatting Under Control
Designing with Type
Chapter 03 Review
Chapter 04 – Managing Lists 12m
Topic A: Sort a List
Demo – Sorting a List
Topic B: Format a List
Demo – Formatting Lists
Demo – Resequencing Lists
Chapter 04 Review
Chapter 05 – Adding Tables 20m
Topic A: Insert a Table
Demo – Inserting a Table in a Document
Topic B: Modify a Table
Demo – Inserting a New Row in a Table
Demo – Moving and Resizing Rows and Columns
Topic C: Format a Table
Demo – Formatting a Table
Topic D: Convert Text to a Table
Demo – Converting Text to a Table
Chapter 05 Review
Chapter 06 – Inserting Graphic Objects 16m
Topic A: Insert Symbols and Special Characters
Demo – Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
Topic B: Add Images to a Document
Demo – Adding Images to a Document
Chapter 06 Review
Chapter 07 – Controlling Page Appearance 18m
Topic A: Apply a Page Border and Color
Demo – Applying a Page Border
Topic B: Add Headers and Footers
Demo – Creating Headers and Footers
Topic C: Control Page Layout
Demo – Controlling Page Layout
Topic D: Add a Watermark
Demo – Adding a Watermark to a Document
Chapter 07 Review
Chapter 08 – Preparing to Publish a Document 22m
Topic A: Check Spelling, Grammar, and Readability
Demo – Checking Spelling, Grammar, and Readability
Topic B: Use Research Tools
Demo – Using the Thesaurus
Demo – Looking Up Information on the Web
Topic C: Check Accessibility
Demo – Checking Accessibility
Topic D: Save a Document to Other Formats
Demo – Saving in a Different File Format
Chapter 08 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 4h 11m

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