Microsoft Office Word 2010: Intermediate (R2)

Course Overview
This course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Word 2010: Basic, First Look Edition. Students
will work with styles, sections, and columns and will use the Navigation pane to work with outlines. They
will format tables, print labels and envelopes, and work with graphics. They will also use document
templates, manage document revisions, and work with Web features.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 2m
Unit 01 – Styles and Outlines 4 6 m
Topic A: Examining Formatting
The Reveal Formatting Pane
Demo – A-1: Using the Reveal Formatting Pane
Topic B: Creating Styles
The Styles Gallery
Demo – B-1: Applying a Style
The Styles Pane
Creating a Style by Example
Demo – B-2: Creating a Style by Example
Demo – B-3: Basing One Style on Another
Demo – B-4: Controlling Pagination by Using Styles
A Character Style
Demo – B-5: Creating a Character Style
Topic C: Modifying Styles
The Manage Styles Dialog Box
Demo – C-1: Modifying a Style
Overriding a Style
Demo – C-2: Overriding a Style
Demo – C-3: Modifying the Normal Style
Demo – C-4: Exporting a Style
Topic D: Working with Outlines
Outline View
Outline Tools
Demo – D-1: Creating an Outline
Collapsed Outline Levels
Browse Document Headings
Browse Document Pages
Demo – D-2: Organizing an Outline
Demo – D-3: Formatting an Outline
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 – Sections and Columns 21m
Topic A: Creating and Formatting Sections
Section Breaks
Demo – A-1: Inserting and Deleting Section Breaks
Demo – A-2: Formatting Sections
Linked and Unlinked Headers
Demo – A-3: Inserting Section Headers and Footers
Page Number Format
Demo – A-4: Formatting Section Page Numbers
Topic B: Working with Columns
Single and Multiple Columns
The Columns Dialog Box
Demo – B-1: Formatting Text into Columns
Demo – B-2: Inserting Column Breaks
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 – Formatting Tables 35m
Topic A: Table Formatting Basics
The Alignment Group
Demo – A-1: Aligning Text in Table Cells
Demo – A-2: Merging Table Cells
Demo – A-3: Splitting Table Cells
Demo – A-4: Changing Text Orientation
Demo – A-5: Changing Row Height
Topic B: Borders and Shading
The Borders Menu
Demo – B-1: Changing Table Borders
Shaded Cells in a Table
Demo – B-2: Shading Table Cells
Topic C: Table Data
The Sort Dialog Box
Demo – C-1: Sorting Table Data
Demo – C-2: Splitting a Table
Demo – C-3: Repeating the Header Row
The Formula Dialog Box
Demo – C-4: Entering a Formula in a Table
Topic D: Table Styles
The Table Styles Gallery
Demo – D-1: Applying Table Styles
Demo – D-2: Using Style Options
The Modify Style Dialog Box
Demo – D-3: Modifying a Table Style
Unit 03 Review
Unit 04 – Printing Labels and Envelopes 11m
Topic A: Labels
The Labels Tab
Demo – A-1: Printing Multiple Labels for a Single Address
Topic B: Envelopes
The Envelopes Tab
Demo – A-2: Printing a Single Envelope
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 – Templates and Building Blocks 27m
Topic A: Template Basics
Demo – A-1: Using a Template
Demo – A-2: Saving an Altered Template
Demo – A-3: Creating a Document from a User-defined Template
The New Dialog Box
Demo – A-4: Saving a Template in the Templates Folder
Topic B: Building Blocks
The Building Blocks Organizer
Topic C: Document Properties
Restrict Formatting and Editing
Demo – C-1: Protecting a Document
The Document Panel
Demo – C-2: Viewing and Editing Document Properties
Document Statistics
Demo – C-3: Viewing Document Statistics
Unit 05 Review
Unit 06 – Graphics 21m
Topic A: Creating Diagrams
Choosing a SmartArt Graphic
Topic B: Using the Drawing Tools
Demo – B-1: Drawing a Shape
Pointing within a Shape
Pointing to a Sizing Handle
Pointing to a Rotate Handle
Pointing to an Adjustment Handle
Demo – B-2: Modifying a Shape
Demo – B-3: Inserting a Text Box
Demo – B-4: Formatting Text Boxes
Aligning Items
Demo – B-5: Arranging Multiple Objects
Changing a Shape into Another
Demo – B-6: Changing a Shape into Another Shape
Topic C: Formatting Text Graphically
The WordArt Gallery
Demo – C-2: Inserting and Modifying a Drop Cap
Demo – C-3: Inserting a Pull Quote
Unit 06 Review
Unit 07 – Managing Document Revisions 23m
Topic A: Tracking Changes
Track Changes Options
Tracked Changes
Demo – A-1: Tracking Changes while Editing
Demo – A-2: Reviewing and Accepting Revisions
Multiple Reviewers
Demo – A-3: Viewing Changes by Different Reviewers
Demo – A-4: Restricting Edits to Tracked Changes
Demo – A-5: Managing Multiple Documents Simultaneously
Combining Documents
Topic B: Working with Comments
Unit 07 Review
Unit 08 – Web Features 13m
Topic A: Web Pages
A Title Bar for a Web Page
The Web Options Dialog Box
Topic B: Hyperlinks
The Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box
Demo – B-1: Inserting a Hyperlink to an HTML File
Demo – B-2: Navigating with Hyperlinks
Demo – B-3: Creating a Hyperlink to a Word Document
Unit 08 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 3h 20m

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