Microsoft Office Word 2010: Basic (R2)

Course Overview
This course covers the basic functions and features of Word 2010. After an introduction to Word’s
window components, students will learn how to use the Help system and navigate documents. Then they
will enter and edit text, create and save documents, and learn how to enhance the appearance of a
document by using various formatting options. They will also create tables, insert headers and footers,
proof and print documents, and insert graphics.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 1m
Unit 01 – Getting Started 25m
Topic A: The Word Window
The Word 2010 Window
Demo – A-1: Starting Word and Exploring the Program Window
Topic B: New Documents
Word 2010 Templates
Demo – B-1: Creating a Document
Nonprinting Characters
Demo – B-2: Entering Text and Displaying Nonprinting Characters
File Type Options
Demo – B-3: Saving a Document by Using the Save Command
Demo – B-4: Recovering a Draft of a Previously Saved File
Save Options
Demo – B-6: Closing a Document and Closing Word
Demo – B-7: Renaming a Folder
Topic C: Word Help
The Word Help Window
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 – Navigation and Selection Techniques 26m
Topic A: Document Navigation
Recent Documents
Demo – A-1: Opening a Document
Scrollbar Components
Demo – A-2: Using Scrollbars and Zoom Options
Using a Split Window
Demo – A-3: Moving in a Document
The Go To Tab
Demo – A-4: Using the Go To Command to Move to a Specific Page
Demo – A-5: Using the Select Browse Object Button
Demo – A-6: Using Print Layout View
Full Screen Reading View
Demo – A-7: Using Full Screen Reading View
Topic B: Selection Techniques
Select Text with the Mouse
Demo – B-1: Using the Mouse to Select Text
Select Text with the Keyboard
Demo – B-2: Using the Keyboard to Select Text
Demo – B-3: Using the Selection Bar to Select Text
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 – Editing Text 15m
Topic A: Working with Text
Deleting Text
Demo – A-1: Inserting and Deleting Text
The Date and Time Dialog Box
Demo – A-2: Inserting a Date and Time
Demo – A-3: Inserting a Symbol
Topic B: The Undo and Redo Commands
The Redo and Repeat Buttons
Topic C: Cutting, Copying and Pasting Text
The Clipboard Task Pane
The Paste Options Button
Unit 03 Review
Unit 04 – Formatting Text 55m
Topic A: Character Formatting
The Mini Toolbar
Demo – A-1: Applying Character Formatting
The Font Dialog Box
Demo – A-2: Using the Font Dialog Box
Demo – A-3: Highlighting Text
Demo – A-4: Using the Format Painter
Demo – A-5: Using Paste Special
Topic B: Tab Settings
Demo – B-1: Examining Tab Stops
Demo – B-2: Setting and Moving a Custom Tab Stop
Demo – B-3: Clearing Tabs and Setting Other Types of Tabs
Demo – B-4: Clearing All Tabs
The Tabs Dialog Box
Demo – B-5: Setting Tab and Leader in the Tabs Dialog Box
Topic C: Paragraph Formatting
Paragraph Alignments
Demo – C-1: Applying Paragraph Alignments
Borders and Shading Dialog Box
Demo – C-2: Applying Borders and Shading
Demo – C-3: Adding Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Define New Bullet Dialog Box
Demo – C-4: Editing Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Topic D: Paragraph Spacing and Indents
Indent Markers
Demo – D-1: Setting Indents
Demo – D-2: Setting a Hanging Indents
Demo – D-3: Setting the Spacing After a Paragraph
Line Spacing
Demo – D-4: Setting Line Spacing for a Paragraph
Topic E: Automatic Formatting
AutoFormat Options
AutoFormat As You Type
Demo – E-1: Using AutoFormat to Format Quoted Text
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 – Tables 26m
Topic A: Creating Tables
The Table Gallery
Demo – A-1: Creating a Table
Convert Text to Table Dialog Box
Demo – A-2: Converting Text to a Table
Demo – A-3: Drawing a Table
Topic B: Working with Table Content
Moving Within a Table
Demo – B-1: Navigating in a Table
Selecting Elements in a Table
Demo – B-2: Selecting Table Elements
Demo – B-3: Entering Text into a Table
Demo – B-4: Formatting Text in a Table
Topic C: Changing Table Structure
Adding Rows and Columns
Demo – C-1: Adding Rows and Columns
Demo – C-2: Deleting Columns, Rows and an Entire Table
Demo – C-3: Moving a Row and a Column
The Table Properties Dialog Box
Demo – C-5: Aligning a Table
Unit 05 Review
Unit 06 – Page Layout 20m
Topic A: Headers and Footers
A Header
Demo – A-1: Creating a Header and Footer
Demo – A-2: Editing Headers and Footers
Demo – A-3: Inserting Page Numbers
Topic B: Margins
Left and Right Margins
Demo – B-1: Using Print Layout View to Adjust Margins
The Margins Tab
Demo – B-2: Changing Margins and Page Orientation
The Line and Page Breaks Tab
Demo – B-3: Applying Text Flow Options
Topic C: Page Breaks
Adding a Manual Page Break
Demo – C-1: Adding and Deleting Manual Page Breaks
Unit 06 Review
Unit 07 – Proofing and Printing Documents 28m
Topic A: Checking Spelling and Grammar
Spelling and Grammar
The Thesaurus
Topic B: Using AutoCorrect
Demo – B-1: Examining AutoCorrect
Demo – B-2: Using the AutoCorrect Options Button
The AutoCorrect Dialog Box
Demo – B-3: Adding an Entry to your AutoCorrect List
Topic C: Finding and Replacing Text
The Navigation Pane
Demo – C-1: Using the Navigation Pane to Search for Text
The Replace Tab
Demo – C-2: Replacing Text
Replacing Formatting
Demo – C-3: Replacing Formatting
Topic D: Printing Documents
Print Settings
Topic E: PDF and XPS Documents
A PDF Created from a Word Doc
Demo – E-1: Saving a File as a Static Document
Unit 07 Review
Unit 08 – Graphics 18m
Topic A: Adding Graphics and Clip Art
Inserting Graphics
Demo – A-1: Inserting a Graphic
Demo – A-2: Inserting Clip Art
Inserting a Screen Image
Inserting Part of a Screen Image
Topic B: Working with Graphics
The Wrap Text Menu
Demo – B-1: Resizing and Rotating a Graphic
Demo – B-2: Controlling Text Flow Around a Graphic
Demo – B-3: Adjusting a Picture’s Color and Compression
Unit 08 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 3h 34m

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