Microsoft Office Word 2010: Advanced (R2)

Course Overview
This course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Word 2010: Intermediate. Students will
perform mail merges, create and use forms, and create master documents that include a table of
contents, a table of figures, footnotes, endnotes, an index, bookmarks, cross-references, and Web
frames. They will also create macros, customize the ribbon and Quick Access toolbar, and work with
XML documents.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 2m
Course Introduction
Unit 01 – Using Mail Merge 26m
Topic A: Form Letters
Demo – A-1: Insert a Field
Demo – A-2: Modifying a Date Field
Form Letter with Merge Fields
Demo – A-3: Specifying a Starting Document and Recipient
The Write and Insert Fields Group
Inserting an Address Block
Demo – A-4: Customizing a Form Letter
Previewing the Letters
Demo – A-5: Merging Recipient List Data with a Form Letter
Topic B: Data Sources for the Recipient List
Create a Recipient List
Mail Merge Recipients
Sort Records
Filter Records
Topic C: Mailing Labels and Envelopes
Label Options
Print Mailing Labels
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 – Objects and Backgrounds 32m
Topic A: Inserting Content from Other Applications
The Object Dialog Box
Demo – A-1: Inserting an Excel Worksheet
Using Existing Files
Demo – A-2: Inserting an Excel File as a Linked Object
Demo – A-3: Inserting a Chart Based on Excel Data
Topic B: Changing the Document Background
The Fill Effects Dialog Box
Demo – B-1: Adding Background Colors, Fill Effects, and Borders
Demo – B-2: Adding a Watermark
The Themes Gallery
Demo – B-3: Applying Themes
Protecting Document Formatting
Demo – B-4: Protecting a Theme
Setting a Default Theme
Demo – B-5: Setting a Default Theme
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 – Using Macros 32m
Topic A: Recording and Running Macros
The Record Macro Dialog Box
Macro Tools
Demo – A-1: Recording a Macro
The Microsoft VBA Editor
Demo – A-2: Viewing a Macro Script
Macro Settings in the Trust Center
The Macros Dialog Box
Demo – A-3: Running a Macro
Topic B: Modifying and Deleting Macros
Editing Macros
Demo – B-1: Modifying a Macro
The Organizer Dialog Box
Demo – B-2: Copying a Macro
Deleting a Macro
Demo – B-3: Deleting a Macro
Unit 03 Review
Unit 04 – Working with Forms 28m
Topic A: Creating Forms
Types of Forms
A Sample Form
Demo – A-1: Entering Data in a Form
Demo – A-2: Adding Field Labels
The Controls Group
Demo – A-3: Adding Text Content Controls
Demo – A-4: Adding a Drop-Down List to a Form
Demo – A-5: Adding a Date Control
Topic B: Protecting Forms
Protecting a Document
Demo – B-1: Protecting a Form
Unprotecting Forms
Demo – B-2: Removing Protection
The Add Users Dialog Box
Topic C: Sharing and Securing Documents
Digital Signature
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 – Customizing Word 21m
Topic A: Customizing the Ribbon
Minimize the Ribbon
Customize the Ribbon
Hide and Remove Tab Elements
Create Tabs and Groups
Reset the Ribbon
Topic B: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Adding Buttons to the Toolbar
Demo – B-1: Adding Buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar
Rearrange Toolbar Buttons
Demo – B-2: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar Display
Add Macros to the Toolbar
Demo – B-3: Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
Remove Toolbar Buttons
Demo – B-4: Resetting the Quick Access Toolbar
Topic C: Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
Customizing the Keyboard
Reset the Toolbar
Unit 05 Review
Unit 06 – Long Documents 53m
Topic A: Master Documents
Insert a Subdocument
The Outlining Tab
Demo – A-1: Inserting Subdocuments
Master Document View
Collapsed Subdocuments
Demo – A-2: Working in Master Document View
The Subdocument Icon
Demo – A-3: Deleting a Subdocument
Adding a Cover Page
Example of a Cover Page
Demo – A-4: Adding a Cover Page
Topic B: Tables of Contents and Figures
A Table of Contents
The Table of Contents Gallery
Updating the Table of Contents
Demo – B-1: Creating and Modifying a Table of Contents
Demo – B-2: Adding Text to a Table of Contents
Adding a Caption
Demo – B-3: Adding Captions
Generating a Table of Figures
Demo – B-4: Inserting and Updating a Table of Figures
Topic C: Indexes, Bibliographies, and Other References
Marking an Index Entry
Creating an Index
A Generated Index
Creating a Citation
Generating a Bibliography
An MLA-Format Bibliography Entry
Editing Bibliography Sources
Editing Bibliography Sources (Cont)
Marking a Citation
Creating a Table of Authorities
Adding a Footnote
Topic D: Bookmarks and Cross-References
Adding Bookmarks
Demo – D-1: Creating Bookmarks
Navigate to Bookmarks
Demo – D-2: Navigating to Bookmarks in a Document
Delete a Bookmark
Demo – D-3: Deleting a Bookmark
Creating a Cross-Reference
Demo – D-4: Creating a Cross-Reference
Topic E: Web Frames
A Frames Page
Modifying Frames
Unit 06 Review
Unit 07 – XML Features 15m
Topic A: Working with XML
An XML Document with Tags
A Sample XSD File
Attach an XML Schema
Delete an Attached Schema
Demo – A-1: Attaching an XML Schema to a Word Document
Demo – A-2: Applying XML Tags to Content
The XML Options Dialog Box
Schema Validation Errors
XML without a Transform
XML with a Transform
Unit 07 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 3hrs 29m