Microsoft Office Outlook 2010: Intermediate (R2)

Course Overview
This ILT Series course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Outlook 2010: Basic. Students will
learn how to customize Outlook and work with address books. They will search and filter mail folders,
and apply and customize categories. Students will also work with personal, public, and offline folders.
Finally, students will organize folders and set rules.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 2m
Course Introduction
Unit 01 – Customizing Outlook 43m
Topic A: The Outlook Environment
Hiding and Showing the Ribbon
Demo – A-1: Hiding and Showing the Ribbon
Customizing the Ribbon
Demo – A-2: Rearranging Tabs and Groups on the Ribbon
Hide and Remove Elements
Demo – A-3: Hiding and Removing Tabs and Groups
Demo – A-4: Creating a Ribbon Tab
Resetting Customizations
The Quick Access Toolbar
Customize Quick Access Toolbar
Customize the To-Do Bar
The Status Bar
Topic B: General Options
User Interface Options
Demo – B-1: Changing User Interface Options
Username and Initials
Demo – B-2: Changing Your Username and Initials
Set Outlook as Default Program
Demo – B-3: Making Outlook Your Default Email Client
Topic C: Language and Keyboard Options
Adding Languages
Demo – C-1: Adding a Language
Language Options
Demo – C-3: Enabling Language Options
Remove a Keyboard Layout
Uninstall a Language
Demo – C-5: Uninstalling a Language
Topic D Quick Steps
Quick Steps
Demo – D-1: Using Quick Steps
Configure Quick Steps
Creating a Quick Step
Demo – D-4: Duplicating and Editing a Quick Step
Demo – D-5: Restoring the Quick Step Group to its Default Settings
Topic E: The Navigation Pane
Specifying the Startup Folder
Demo – E-1: Changing the Startup Folder
Creating Shortcuts
Creating Shortcut Groups
Demo – E-2: Creating Shortcuts and Shortcut Groups
Deleting Shortcuts
Demo – E-3: Deleting Shortcuts and Shortcut Groups
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 – Working with Contacts 20m
Topic A: Address Books
Select an Address Book
Demo – A-1: Viewing Address Books
Create a Contacts Folder
Demo – A-2: Creating a Contacts Folder and Storing a Contact in it
Import Contacts
Map Custom Fields
Demo – A-3: Importing Contact Data from Excel
Topic B: Contact Groups
Forward a Contact Group
Demo – B-1: Forwarding a Contact Group
Contact Group Notes
Send Meeting Requests
Demo – B-3: Sending a Meeting Request to a Contact Group
Demo – B-4: Deleting a Contact Group
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 – Customizing Messages 48m
Topic A: Message Appearance
Demo – A-1: Applying a Theme
Quick Styles
Demo – A-2: Applying a Quick Style to an E-mail Message
Demo – A-3: Customizing a Quick Style
Selecting Stationery
Demo – A-4: Using Message Stationery
Stationery and Fonts
Message Options
Message Formats
Demo – A-7: Specifying a Message Format
Topic B: Signatures
Signatures and Stationery Dialog Box
Demo – B-1: Defining a Signature
Editing Signatures
Demo – B-2: Modifying a Signature
Electronic Business Cards
Demo – B-3: Using an Electronic Business Card as a Signature
Topic C: Voting Buttons
Adding Voting Buttons
Demo – C-1: Adding Voting Buttons to a Message
Responding to Voting Buttons
Responses Tallied
Custom Voting Buttons
Topic D: Out-of-Office Messages
Automatic Replies Dialog Box
Configuring Automatic Replies
Mail Tips
Demo – D-1: Enabling Automatic Replies
Setting Automatic Reply Rules
Demo – D-2: Setting Automatic Reply Rules
Turning Off Automatic Replies
Demo – D-3: Turning Off Automatic Replies
Unit 03Review
Unit 04 – Organizing Items 40m
Topic A: Folders
Demo – A-1: Creating a Folder
Topic B: Searching
Instant Search
Demo – B-1: Using Instant Search
Advanced Searches
Search Commands
Demo – B-2: Performing Advanced Searches
Calendar, Contacts, Tasks
Customizing Search Options
Topic C: Filters
The Filter Dialog Box
Demo – C-1: Applying Filters to Find Messages
Removing Filters
Demo – C-2: Removing a Filter
Topic D: Categories
Rename Category Dialog Box
Demo – D-1: Using Categories to Group Messages
Arrange by Category
Search by Category
Demo – D-2: Arranging and Searching by Category
Categorizing Contacts
Demo – D-3: Categorizing a Contact
Categorizing Calendar Items
Demo – D-4: Categorizing an Appointment and a Meeting
Quick Click
Demo – D-5: Assigning Categories with Quick Click
Creating Categories
Demo – D-6: Creating a Category
Search Folders
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 – Organizing Mail 45m
Topic A: Organizing the Inbox Folder
Organizing Tools
Demo – A-1: Changing Views
Arranging and Sorting
Selecting Arrangements
Demo – A-2: Arranging and Sorting Messages
Demo – A-3: Exploring Conversations
Conversation Management
Demo – A-4: Managing Conversations
Customizing a View
Creating a View
Manage All Views Dialog Box
Demo – A-5: Creating a Custom View
Deleting a View
Demo – A-6: Deleting your Custom View
Topic B: Setting Rules
Rules Templates
Demo – B-1: Creating a Rule
Applying Rules
Turn Off or Delete a Rule
Demo – B-3: Turning Off and Deleting a Rule
Custom Rules
Demo – B-4: Creating a Custom Rule
Unit 05 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 3hrs 19m

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