Microsoft Office Project 2010: Advanced

Course Overview
This course builds on the concepts and skills taught in the Basic course. Students will learn how to work
with templates, create baseline plans, monitor and update projects, analyze project statistics, handle
delays and conflicts, create reports, consolidate project files, share resources, and customize Project.
Students will also learn how to communicate project information by using Project Server 2010 and how
to integrate Project data with other Office applications.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 4m
Unit 01 – Using Templates and Importing Data 15m
Topic A: Working with Templates
Convert a Project to a Template
Demo – A-1: Creating a Template From a Completed Project
Create a Project from a Template
Demo – A-2: Creating a Project From a Template
Topic B: Creating Projects From Other Projects
Import Excel Data into a New Project
The Import Wizard
Demo – B-1: Creating a Project From an Excel Workbook
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 – Managing a Project 36m
Topic A: Setting Baselines
Save a Baseline Plan
Demo – A-1: Setting a Baseline
Update a Baseline Plan
Demo – A-2: Updating a Baseline Plan
Topic B: Updating an Active Project
Task Bars in Tracking Gantt View
Demo – B-1: Updating Completed Tasks
Update Actual Start and Finish Dates
Demo – B-2: Updating Actual Start and Finish Dates
Demo – B-3: Updating Tasks That Are in Progress
The Status Date
Demo – B-4: Marking Tasks as Being on Track with a Status Date
Demo – B-5: Updating the Actual Work Performed on a Task
Topic C: Monitoring Progress
The Earned Value Table
Display the Earned Value Table
Demo – C-1: Using the Earned Value Table
Progress in Network Diagram View
Demo – C-2: Checking Progress in Network Diagram View
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 – Analyzing and Adjusting the Plan 34m
Topic A: Analyzing the Plan
The Project Statistics Dialog Box
Demo – A-1: Viewing Project Statistics
Demo – A-2: Displaying Slippage in the Schedule
Topic B: Delays and Conflicts
Split a Task
Demo – B-1: Splitting a Task
Delay Resource Work
Demo – B-2: Delaying Work for a Resource
Assign Overtime to a Resource
Demo – B-3: Assigning Overtime and Extra Resources
Demo – B-4: Using the Task Inspector to Resolve Conflicts
Demo – B-5: Inactivating a Task
Topic C: Team Planner View
Team Planner View
Demo – C-1: Working with Team Planner View
Demo – C-2: Formatting Team Planner View
Unit 03 Review
Unit 04 – Working with Reports 19m
Topic A: Standard Reports
Report Formats
Project Overview
Current Activity
Cost Reports
Assignment Reports
Workload Reports
Custom Reports
Demo – A-1: Creating Reports
Create a Current Activity Report
Demo – A-2: Creating a Current Activity Report
Demo – A-3: Creating an Assignment Report
Demo – A-4: Printing Project Information
Save a Project as PDF or XPS File
Topic B: Visual Reports
A Visual Report
Create a Visual Report
Demo – B-1: Creating and Modifying a Visual Report
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 – Customizing Project 41m
Topic A: Custom Views
Create a Custom View
Demo – A-1: Creating a Custom View
Create a Combination View
A Combination View
Demo – A-2: Creating a Combination View
Demo – A-3: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Topic B: Macros
Record a Macro
The Record Macro Dialog Box
Demo – B-1: Creating a Macro
Run a Macro
Demo – B-2: Running a Macro
Topic C: Gantt Chart Formatting
Customize Bar Styles
Customize Gantt Chart Text
The Bar Styles Dialog Box
Demo – C-1: Modifying Bar Styles
Customize the Timescale
The Timescale Dialog Box
Demo – C-2: Customizing the Timescale
Demo – C-3: Drawing Elements
Topic D: Custom Fields
Lookup Table
Create a Custom Text Field
Demo – D-1: Creating a Custom Text Field
Demo – D-2: Creating a Formula-driven Field
Graphical Indicators Dialog Box
Demo – D-3: Applying Graphical Indicators
Unit 05 Review
Unit 06 – Managing Multiple Projects 20m
Topic A: Consolidating and Sharing Projects
Subproject in Master Project Task List
Insert a Subproject
Demo – A-1: Consolidating Project Files
Link Tasks Across Projects
Demo – A-2: Linking Tasks Across Projects
Set Priority for Subproject or Task
Demo – A-3: Assigning Project and Task Priorities
The Organizer Dialog Box
Share Project Elements Globally
Demo – A-4: Sharing Custom Elements With All Projects
Share Elements with Specific Projects
Topic B: Sharing Resources Among Projects
The Share Resources Dialog Box
Share an External Resource Pool
Demo – B-1: Sharing Resources With Other Projects
Unit 06 Review
Unit 07 – Exchanging Project Information 16m
Topic A: Collaboration
Basic Project Server Connectivity
Project Server Accounts
Save a Project in a SharePoint Library
Save & Send
Topic B: Hyperlinks
Link to Supporting Information
Demo – B-1: Linking to Supporting Information
Topic C: Exporting to Office Applications
Export Data to Excel Workbook
Demo – C-1: Exporting Project Data to an Excel Workbook
Create a Picture of a Project
Demo – C-2: Creating an Image to Share Project Information
Unit 07 Review
Total Duration: 3hrs 4m

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