Microsoft Office Outlook 2010: Basic (R2)

Course Overview
This ILT Series course covers the basic functions and features of Outlook 2010. After an introduction
to Outlook’s window components and the Help system, students will read and send e-mail messages
using several techniques. Then they will learn how to manage e-mail messages and attachments,
configure message options, and use search folders. Students will also learn to manage contacts and
use the People Pane, work with tasks, and create appointments. Finally, they will learn to send and
respond to meeting requests.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 2m
Course Introduction
Unit 01 – Getting Started 22m
Topic A: The Program Window
Microsoft Outlook 2010
The Outlook 2010 Window
Outlook-Specific UI Elements
Demo – A-1: Exploring the Outlook Window
The Navigation Pane
Available Panes
Collapsed Navigation Pane
Outlook Folders
Context-Sensitive Tabs
The Reading Pane: Uses
The Reading Pane: Location
The To-Do Bar
Demo – A-6: Using the To-Do Bar
Topic B: Outlook Today
The Outlook Today Page
Demo – B-1: Accessing Folders from Outlook Today
Customizing Outlook Today
Demo – B-2: Customizing Outlook Today
Topic C: Getting Help
The Outlook Help Window
Demo – C-1: Getting Help
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 – Email 38m
Topic A: Reading Email Messages
Message Icons
Demo – A-1: Exploring the Inbox
Reading Messages
A Received Message
Demo – A-2: Previewing and Reading a Message
Topic B: Creating and Sending Email Messages
A New Message Window
Demo – B-1: Creating and Sending Message
Automation Features
Demo – B-2: Working with Automation Features
Formatting Messages
Checking Spelling and Grammar
Demo – B-5: Pasting Content from an Office Document
Topic C: Working with Messages
Work with Messages
Replying to Messages
Demo – C-1: Replying to a Message
Forwarding Messages
Demo – C-2: Forwarding a Message
Demo – C-3: Inserting a Hyperlink
Deleting and Restoring Messages
Conversation Management
Topic D: Attachments
Attaching Files
Demo – D-1: Sending and Forwarding Attachments
Resizing Images
Previewing and Saving Attachments
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 – Email Management 32m
Topic A: Message Options
Setting Message Sensitivity
Message Properties
Message Importance
Demo – A-1: Defining Delivery Options
Delaying Delivery
Specifying a Reply-to Address
Read and Delivery Receipts
Message Flags
The Reminders Window
Demo – A-6: Using the Reminders Window
Topic B: Junk Email
Tools for Managing Junk Email
Additional Options
Demo – B-1: Exploring Junk Email Management Features
Topic C: Search Folders
Creating a Search Folder
Demo – C-1: Setting Up a Search Folder
Using Search Folders
Demo – C-2: Using a Search Folder
Topic D: Printing Messages
Print Options
Page Setup Dialog Box
Demo – D-1: Printing Messages and Attachments
Unit 03 Review
Unit 04 – Contact Management 29m
Topic A: Working with Contacts
A Sample Contact Window
Demo – A-1: Exploring Contacts
Adding a Contact
Demo – A-2: Adding Contacts
Editing a Contact
Demo – A-3: Modifying a Contact
Attaching Items to a Contact
Add Contact from Same Company
Saving a Contact Attachment
Contact Folder Views
Edit Business Card Dialog Box
Printing Contacts
Demo – A-9: Printing Contacts
Topic B: Contact Groups
Creating a Contact Group
The Contact Group Window
Demo – B-1: Creating and Using a Contact Group
Modifying Contact Groups
Demo – B-2: Modifying a Contact Group
Topic C: The People Pane
Outlook Social Connector
People Pane
Demo – C-1: Examining the People Pane
Expanded People Pane
Contact Details
Pinning the Contact Card
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 – Tasks 27m
Topic A: Working with Contacts
Tasks Folder and To-Do Bar
Demo – A-1: Exploring the Tasks Folder and the To-Do Bar
Creating a Task
Deleting a Task
Demo – A-2: Creating and Deleting Tasks
Editing Tasks
Demo – A-3: Editing a Task
Creating Recurring Tasks
Marking a Task as Completed
Task Views
Topic B: Managing Tasks
Assigning Tasks
Demo – B-1: Assigning a Task
Accepting a Task Request
Declining a Task Request
Delegating a Task
Tracking an Assigned Task
Sending a Task Status Report
Demo – B-3: Sending a Task Status Report
Task Options
Demo – B-5: Setting Task Options
Printing Tasks
Demo – B-6: Printing Tasks
Unit 05 Review
Unit 06 – Appointments and Events 36m
Topic A: Creating and Sending Appointments
The Calendar
Demo – A-1: Exploring the Calendar
New Appointment
Demo – A-2: Setting Up an Appointment
Creating a Recurring Appointment
Create Appointment from Email
Topic B: Modifying Appointments
Editing Appointments
Demo – B-1: Editing an Appointments Text
Reschedule Recurring Appointments
Demo – B-2: Modifying a Recurring Appointment
Deleting Appointments
Demo – B-3: Deleting and Restoring an Appointment
Topic C: Events
Single- and Multi-day Events
Demo – C-1: Adding an Event
Adding Recurring Events
Demo – C-2: Adding an Annual Event
Topic D: Calendar Views
Day View
Work Week View
Month View
Schedule View
Demo – D-1: Exploring Calendar Views
Calendar Shortcuts
Calendar Settings
Displaying Multiple Time Zones
Adding Holidays
Printing Calendars
Demo – D-6: Printing a Calendar
Unit 06 Review
Unit 07 – Meeting Requests and Responses 26m
Topic A: Meetings
The Meeting Window
Demo – A-1: Creating and Sending a Meeting Request
A Meeting Request
Adding Calendars
Scheduling a Meeting
Declining Meeting Requests
Recurring Meetings
Proposing a New Meeting Time
The Propose New Time Dialog
Rescheduling a Meeting
Topic B: Managing Meetings
Reserving Resources
Demo – B-1: Reserving Resources in a Meeting Request
Response Management
Demo – B-2: Reviewing a Meeting Response
Add or Remove Attendees
Send More Info to Attendees
Cancel a Meeting
Unit 07 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 3hrs 31m

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