Microsoft Office Outlook 2010: Advanced (R2)

Course Overview
This ILT Series course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Outlook 2010: Intermediate. Students
will learn how to stay current with colleagues via the Outlook Social Connector. They will learn advanced
techniques for managing and maintaining their mailboxes. Students will create and work with notes and
Journal entries, share Outlook calendars and contacts, create customized e-mail templates, and use mail
merge to send personalized messages to groups of contacts.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 2m
Course Introduction
Unit 01 – Collaboration 29m
Topic A: Connecting with Colleagues via Outlook Social Connectors
Status Updates in People Pane
Demo – A-1: Examining the Available OSCs
Demo – A-2: Creating Your SharePoint Profile
OSC Configuration
Demo – A-3: Connecting Outlook to your SharePoint profile
Connecting to Colleagues
Demo – A-4: Using the People Pane to Connect to a Colleague
Status Updates
Demo – A-5: Monitoring Your Colleague’s Status
Contact Information
Demo – A-6: Viewing My Site Contacts
Topic B: Staying Informed with RSS
Subscribing to Feeds: Method A
Subscribing to Feeds: Method B
Demo – B-1: Subscribing to RSS feeds
Articles and Updates
Demo – B-2: Reading a Story and Updating a Feed
RSS Feed Options
Demo – B-3: Changing and Removing RSS Feeds
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 – Mailbox Management 41m
Topic A: Managing Your Mailbox
Mailbox Quotas
Demo – A-1: Importing Messages So You Have Data to Manage
Cleanup Strategies
Mailbox Cleanup
Demo – A-2: Deleting Messages and Attachments
Automatic Folders
Demo – A-3: Deleting the Contents of Automatic Folders
Clean Up
Demo – A-4: Clean Up Duplicate Messages
Compacting a Mailbox
Demo – A-5: Compacting Your Mailbox
Topic B: Archiving Your Mail
Archiving Mail
Demo – B-1: Archiving Mail Messages to a Local File
Restore Archived Messages
Demo – B-2: Opening an Archive File
AutoArchive Settings
Demo – B-3: Archiving Mail Messages to a File Automatically
Archive Mailbox
Demo – B-4: Archiving to the Archive Mailbox
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 – The Notes and Journal Folders 30m
Topic A: Recording Information with Notes
Creating Notes
Demo – A-1: Creating and Modifying Notes
Forwarding Notes
Demo – A-2: Forwarding Notes
Notes Options
Demo – A-3: Customizing Notes
Printing Notes
Print Options for Notes
Demo – A-4: Printing Notes
Assign a Contact
Demo – A-5: Assigning a Contact to a Note
Topic B: Tracking Activities with the Journal
Journal Entries
Tracking Automatically
Journal Options
Demo – B-1: Configuring the Journal to Record Entries Automatically
Demo – B-2: Creating Activity That Will Be Recorded in the Journal
Journal Entries
Demo – B-3: Viewing Journal Entries
Manual Journal Entries
Demo – B-4: Creating a Journal Entry Manually
Reading Journal Entries
Demo – B-5: Opening a Journal Entry and the Item It Refers To
Editing an Entry
Demo – B-6: Noting Work Performed with a Journal Entry
Unit 03 Review
Unit 04 – Calendars and Contacts 38m
Topic A: Managing Your Calendar
Calendar Sharing
Demo – A-1: Adding an Appointment
Share a Calendar
Demo – A-2: Sharing Calendars
Grant Permissions
Groups and Individuals
Permission Levels
Demo – A-3: Permitting Another User to Manage Your Calendar
Delegate Access
Demo – A-4: Delegating Access to Your Calendar
Remove a Delegate
Demo – A-5: Removing a Delegate
View SharePoint Calendars
Demo – A-6: Accessing Your SharePoint Calendar in Outlook
Topic B: Managing Contacts
Share Contacts
Demo – B-1: Sharing Contacts and Contacts Folders
Export Contacts
Demo – B-2: Exporting Contacts
Create a SharePoint Contact List
Demo – B-3: Creating a SharePoint Contact List
SharePoint Contacts in Outlook
Demo – B-4: Connecting Your SharePoint Contact List to Outlook
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 – Mail Merges and Templates 33m
Topic A: Performing Mail Merges
Mail Merge
Demo – A-1: Importing Contacts to Use in a Mail Merge
Steps in a Mail Merge
Mail Merge Contacts Dialog Box
Merge Fields
Demo – A-2: Creating a Mail Merge
Inserting Merge Fields
Demo – A-3: Inserting a Merge Field
Finishing and Merging
Demo – A-4: Sending the Merged Message
Topic B: Working with Templates
Create a Template
Demo – B-1: Creating an Email Template
The Developer Tab
Demo – B-2: Showing the Developer Tab
Apply a Template
Demo – B-3: Sending a Message Based on a Template
Fields and Objects
Demo – B-4: Adding a Field Code to Your Template
Unit 05 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 2hrs 53m

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