Microsoft Office 365 Administration

Course Overview
This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to getting their domain
ready, manage users, and maintain Office 365 users.
Course Introduction 3m
Course Introduction
Module 01 – Getting Your Domain Ready 1h 2m
Getting Your Domain Ready
Key Terms
Using the Domain
Basic Steps to Host a Domain Name
Demo – Getting Domain Ready
Demo – Licenses and Subscriptions
External Sharing
Integrated Apps
Controlling User Software
Power BI Admin Center
Bing Places for Business
Demo – Bing Places for Business
Service Settings
Demo – Service Settings
Demo – Reports
Checking Service Health
Demo – Checking Service Health
Checking and Logging Service Requests
Demo – Checking and Logging Service Requests
Module 01 Review
Module 02 – Managing Users 51m
Managing Users
Creating Users in Office 365
Demo – Creating Users in Office 365
Creating Security Groups
Creating Distribution Groups
Demo – Creating Distribution Groups
Importing 365 Users
Demo – Importing 365 Users
Resetting User Passwords
Demo – Resetting User Passwords
User Properties
Demo – User Properties
Password Policies
Adding a User License
Client Software
Demo – Installing MS Office
Module 02 Review
Module 03 – Maintaining Office 365 Users 36m
Maintaining Office 365 Users
Creating Special Mailboxes for Calendars
Demo – Creating User Resource Mailboxes
Demo – Creating Shared User Mailboxes
Migrating Mail to Office 365
Importing Data Over
Demo – Exchange Recipients
Managing Spam and Malware
Checking Service Settings
Demo – Checking Service Settings
Exchange AdminCenter
Managing Mail Flow
Managing Skype for Business Users
Demo – Managing Skype for Business Users
Module 03 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 2h 32m

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