Microsoft Office 365 for End Users

Course Overview
This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to use Office 365 email, contacts, the
calendar, and Office apps.
Course Introduction 2m
Course Introduction
Module 01 – Office 365 Overview 1h 24m
Office 365 Overview
What is Office 365
Office 365 Applications
Office 365 Extras and Add-Ons
Newly Added 2015: Delve
Demo – Delve
Newly Added 2015: Video
Demo – Video
Demo – Office 365 Extras and Add-Ons
How to Sign on to your Office 365
Demo – What is Office 365
How to Find Help
Demo – Finding Help
Setting Defaults in Office 365 Options
Demo – Customizing your Environment
Status or Presence Information
SharePoint Sites
Demo – SharePoint Sites
Module 01 Review
Module 02 – Email, Contacts & Calendar 43m
Email, Contacts & Calendar
Using Outlook Web Access
Using 365 for Mail
Creating Special Options
Demo – Working with Email
Automating Incoming Emails
Creating Your Email Signature
Demo – Automatic Options
Using Office 365 for Contacts
Using Groups
Demo – Using Office 365 for Contacts
Using Office 365 for Appointments
Using Office 365 Calendars
Demo – Using Office 365 for Calendars
Configuring Outlook
Module 02 Review
Module 03 – Using the Office 365 Office Apps 47m
Using the Office 365 Office Apps
Skype for Business
Filling in your profile
Status or Presence Information
Demo – Status or Presence Information
Adding a Contact
Changing the Default Options
Sending and Receiving Messages
Demo – Sending Instant Messages
Demo – OneDrive
Document Storage on Office 365
Options for Creating and Saving Documents
Excel Web App
Word Web App
PowerPoint Web App
OneNote Web App
Demo – SWAY
Module 03 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 2h 57m

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