Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps

Course Overview
This course provides students with an overview of Microsoft Office 365 web apps.
Students will learn how to collaborate with shared files, use the Outlook web apps,
communicate with Skype for Business, use Skype for business meetings, and interact with
mobile devices.
Course Introduction 2m
Course Introduction
Module 01 – Getting Started 24m
Getting Started
Microsoft Office 365
System Requirements
Office 365 Portal
Demo – Signing In
Microsoft SharePoint Online
Demo – SharePoint Sites
Module 01 Review
Module 02 – Collaborating with Shared Files 53m
Collaborating with Shared Files
The Team Site
Working with the Documents List
Work with the Team Site and Document List
Team Site Groups Permissions
Demo – Sorting and Filtering Team Site Documents
Editing Documents in Web Apps
Word Online
Excel Online
PowerPoint Online
Editing in Word Online
Demo – View and Edit Documents in Browser
Editing Basics for Web Apps
Definition of Co-authoring
Demo – Working on Documents With Others
Components of My Site
A Sample Newsfeed
Demo – A Sample Newsfeed
Sample Delve
Demo – Sample Delve
OneDrive Page
Demo – OneDrive Page and Adding Documents
Module 02 Review
Module 03 – Using the Outlook Web Apps 47m
Using the Outlook Web Apps
Mail Web App
Demo – Sending and Receiving Mail
People Web App
Demo – Managing Contacts
Importing Contacts
Calendar Web App
Demo – Calendar Web App
Demo – Adding a Calendar
Demo – Working with Meetings
Outlook Web Apps Options
Set an Automatic Reply
Demo – Set an Automatic Reply
Changing Office 365 Settings
Demo – Changing Office 365 Settings
Module 03 Review
Module 04 – Communicating with Skype for Business 30m
Communicating with Skype for Business
What is Skype for Business?
The Skype for Business UI
Demo – The Skype for Business UI
Privacy Relationships
Demo – Presence
The Conversation Window
Share Options
Demo – Share Options
Demo – Polls
Skype for Business Calls
The Call Window
Call Controls
Module 04 Review
Module 05 – Using Skype for Business Meetings 16m
Using Skype for Business Meetings
Skype for Business Meetings
Impromptu Meetings and Scheduled Meetings
Create Skype Meetings
Demo – Create Skype Meeting
Join Meetings
Meeting Controls and Options
Demo – Meeting Controls and Options
Attendee Meeting Controls and Options
Use the Whiteboard
The More Options Menu
Use a Poll
Use Q and A
Skype for Business User Options
Office 365 Administrator Settings
Skype for Business Help
Module 05 Review
Module 06 – Interacting with Mobile Devices 14m
Interacting with Mobile Devices
The Touch Keyboard
Demo – On-Screen Keyboard
Touch Screen Gestures
Differences between Office 365 on Tablet vs PC
Phone and Tablet Choices
Protocol Settings
Configuring Text Notifications on your SmartPhone
Access Office 365 Notifications from a Mobile Device
Module 06 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 3h 5m

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