SharePoint Foundation 2010: Basic

Course Overview
This course is designed for the user who has been assigned contribute permissions to a SharePoint Foundation Team
Web site and needs to learn how to navigate and add content to the site. This course assumes you are familiar with
personal computers and have experience using Windows 7. During this course, you’ll learn how to navigate and
contribute to a Team Web site.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 2m
Course Introduction
Unit 01 – Getting Started 20m
Topic A: SharePoint Foundation Sites
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint Foundation
SharePoint Site
SharePoint Hierarchy
Navigation Tools
Navigate to a SharePoint Site
Demo – A-1: Navigating SharePoint Sites
SharePoint Elements
The Ribbon
Demo – A-2: Examining the Content of a SharePoint Site
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 – Lists 1h 7m
Topic A: Announcements
SharePoint List
A Discussion List
Create a List Item
Announcement Lists
Demo – A-1: Creating an Announcement
Open Announcement for Editing
Demo – A-2: Editing an Announcement
Topic B: Events
Creating a Calendar Item
Demo – B-1: Creating a Calendar Item
Edit an Event
Demo – B-2: Editing an Event
Topic C: Link Lists
Demo – C-1: Creating a Link
Change the Order of Links
Demo – C-2: Changing the Order of Links
Topic D: Task Lists
Demo – D-1: Creating a Task
Demo – D-2: Creating a Task with a Predecessor
Edit a Task
Demo – D-3: Editing a Task
Topic E: Contacts
Creating a Contact Item
Demo – E-1: Creating a Contact
Edit a Contact
Demo – E-2: Editing a Contact
Exporting Contacts
Demo – E-3: Exporting Contact Information to Outlook
Topic F: Deleting List Items
Delete List Items
Demo – F-1: Deleting a List Item
Restoring Deleted Objects
Restore Items from Recycle Bin
Permanently Delete Items
Demo – F-2: Restoring Deleted List Items
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 – Libraries 1h 20m
Topic A: Document Libraries
Adding Documents
Demo – A-1: Adding a Document to a Library
Uploading Multiple Documents
Demo – A-2: Adding Multiple Documents to a Library
Working with Documents
Document Tasks
Demo – A-3: Working with a Document
Creating Documents
Demo – A-4: Creating a Document from within a Document Library
Delete and Restore Documents
Demo – A-5: Deleting and Restoring a Document
Topic B: Picture Libraries
Picture Library
Picture Library Tasks
Demo – B-1: Creating a Folder in a Picture Library
Uploading a Picture
Uploading Multiple Pictures
Demo – B-2: Uploading Pictures to a Picture Library
Viewing Pictures as a Slide Show
Demo – B-3: Viewing Pictures as a Slide Show
Working with Picture Files
Demo – B-4: Working with Pictures in a Picture Library
Delete a Picture Library Folder
Demo – B-5: Deleting a Picture File and a Folder
Topic C: Wiki Pages
Wiki Library
Demo – C-1: Viewing a Wiki Library and Pages
Create a Wiki Page
Demo – C-2: Creating a Wiki Page
Text Layout Options
Adding Content
Demo – C-3: Adding Content to a Wiki Page
Go to a Wiki Page
Topic D: Asset Libraries
Asset Library
Demo – D-1: Viewing the Asset Library for a Wiki Library
Topic E: Form Libraries
Form Library
Filling Out a Form
Demo – E-1: Filling Out and Saving a Form
Working with Completed Forms
Unit 04 – Team Communication 40m
Topic A: Discussion Boards
Discussion Board
Starting a New Discussion
Demo – A-1: Starting a Discussion
Discussion Thread
Demo – A-2: Viewing a Discussion Thread
Respond to a Discussion
Demo – A-3: Responding to Discussion Topics or Replies
Edit a Reply
Demo – A-4: Editing a Discussion Reply
Delete a Reply
Demo – A-5: Deleting a Discussion Reply
Delete a Discussion Topic
Demo – A-6: Deleting a Discussion Topic
Topic B: Surveys
Question Types
Demo – B-1: Responding to a Survey
Graphical Summary
All Responses
Demo – B-2: Viewing Survey Responses
Topic C: Blog Pages
A SharePoint Blog
Commenting on a Blog Post
Demo – C-1: Commenting on a Blog Post
Edit or Delete a Comment
Demo – C-2: Editing and Deleting a Comment
Create a Blog Post
Demo – C-3: Creating a Blog Post
Create a Blog Post in Word
Manage Blog Posts
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 – Views 25m
Topic A: Page Views
Standard View
Datasheet View
Calendar View
Demo – A-2: Changing the Scope of Calendar Views
Gantt View
Demo – A-3: Observing a Project Task List in Gantt View
Demo – A-4: Sorting Items in a View
Demo – A-5: Filtering Items in a View
Topic B: Personal Views
Personal Views
View Options
Demo – B-1: Creating a Personal View
Unit 05 Review
Unit 06 – Account Information and Notifications 45m
Topic A: Personal and Regional Settings
Personal Settings
Editing Personal Settings
Demo – A-1: Editing Your User Account’s Personal Settings
Regional Settings
Demo – A-2: Specifying Regional Settings
Topic B: Alerts
Configuring an Item Alert
Demo – B-1: Creating an Alert on a List Item
Configuring a Library Alert
Demo – B-3: Creating an Alert on a Library
Managing Alerts
Demo – B-5: Managing Alerts
Topic C: RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds
Demo – C-1: Viewing Available Feeds
Subscribing to RSS Feeds
Demo – C-2: Subscribing to an RSS Feed in Internet Explorer
Refreshing an RSS Feed
RSS Feed Properties
Feed and Web Slice Settings
Demo – C-4: Modifying the Properties of an RSS Feed
Demo – C-5: Unsubscribing from an RSS Feed
Unit 06 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 4h 40m

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