SharePoint Foundation 2010: Advanced

Course Overview
This course is designed to teach you how to customize your Windows SharePoint Foundation 2010 Web site,
beyond the Team Web site template, to meet the specific needs of your users. Students will learn to add components
to a site, to apply site themes, and to change site components and navigation options. They will then learn to edit
pages in SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Designer, manage content controls, and modify RSS feed settings.
Finally, students will learn to use workflows and site galleries. This course assumes that you’ve completed the
prerequisite course Windows SharePoint Foundation 2010: Basic or have equivalent experience.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 2m
Course Introduction
Unit 01 – Adding Components 1hr 24m
Topic A: SharePoint Libraries
Document Libraries
Creating a Document Library
Document Library Description
Document Template List
Demo – A-1: Creating a Document Library
Form Libraries
Demo – A-2: Creating a Form Library
Picture Libraries
Demo – A-3: Creating a Picture Library
Wiki Page Libraries
Wiki Library Description Page
Demo – A-4: Creating a Wiki Page Library
Topic B: SharePoint Lists
SharePoint Lists
Lists on a Default Team Site
Demo – B-1: Creating a List
Spreadsheet Used for a List
List Created from a Spreadsheet
Demo – B-2: Creating a List from Excel Spreadsheet Data
Creating a Survey
The Question and Type Section
Branching Logic
Demo – B-3: Creating a Survey
Custom Lists
Demo – B-4: Creating a Custom List
Custom List Columns
The Create Column Page
Demo – B-5: Creating Columns in a Custom List
Adding Items to a Custom List
Topic C: SharePoint Pages
SharePoint Pages
Wiki Page
Web Part Page
\”New Web Part Page\” Page
Demo – C-1: Creating a Web Part Page
Adding Web Parts
Demo – C-2: Adding Web Parts to a Web Part Page
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 – Changing the Look and Feel 24m
Topic A: Navigation
Rearranging Quick Launch Items
Demo – A-1: Changing the Order of Items in the Quick Launch Bar
Adding a Heading
Demo – A-2: Adding a Heading to the Quick Launch Bar
Adding Links Under a Heading
Demo – A-3: Adding a Link to the Quick Launch Bar
Demo – A-4: Deleting a Link to the Quick Launch Bar
Adding Links to the Top Link Bar
Demo – A-5: Adding Links to the Top Link Bar
Changing the Order of Links
Demo – A-6: Changing the Order of Links in the Top Link Bar
Inheriting Links
Demo – A-7: Inheriting Links in the Top Link Bar
Topic B: Site Themes
Site Themes
SharePoint Foundation 2010 Site Themes
Demo – B-1: Applying a Site Theme
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 – Customizing a Site 56m
Topic A: Changing Site Components
Changing Site Components
Demo – A-1: Changing the Title, Description, and Navigation Settings
Modifying Columns
Demo – A-2: Modifying Columns
Advanced Settings
New Item Form in a Dialog Box
Demo – A-3: Configuring Advanced Settings
Topic B: Managing Item Controls
Item Controls
Content Approval
Demo – B-1: Enabling Content Approval for a Library
Approving or Rejecting Items
Demo – B-2: Approving Items in a Library
New-version Triggers
Enabling Versioning in a Library
Enabling Versioning in a List
Demo – B-3: Enabling Versioning for a Document Library
Require Check Out
Demo – B-4: Requiring that Documents be Checked Out of a Library
Topic C: Editing Pages
SharePoint Foundation’s Editing Tools
Demo – C-1: Editing a Page in SharePoint Foundation 2010
SharePoint Designer 2010
Editing in SharePoint Designer 2010
SharePoint Designer Interface
Navigating the Gallery Pane
Unit 03 Review
Unit 04 – Controlling Information Display 23m
Topic A: Public Views
Public Views
Creating a Public View
Demo – A-1: Creating a Public View
Modifying a View
Demo – A-2: Modifying a View
Deleting Views
Demo – A-3: Deleting a View
Topic B: RSS Feed Settings
RSS Feed Settings
RSS Settings: Web Application
RSS Feed Settings: Site Collection
RSS Channel Information
Demo – B-1: Modifying RSS Feed Settings
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 – Creating Workflows 31m
Topic A: Workflows
Workflow Types
Three-state Workflow
SharePoint Server Workflows
Adding a Three-state Workflow
Demo – A-1: Adding a Workflow
Demo – A-2: Creating an Issue Tracking Item and Starting a Workflow
Workflow History Link
Workflow History Example
Editing Workflows
List-type Workflow in SharePoint Designer
List-type Workflow in SPF
\”Change a Workflow\” Page
Customizing a Three-state Workflow
More Customizing
And More Customizing
Demo – A-4: Modifying a Three-state Workflow
Unit 05 Review
Unit 06 – Adding to Site Galleries 21m
Topic A: Site Galleries
Site Column Types
Demo – A-1: Adding a Column to the Site Gallery
Demo – A-2: Using a Custom Site Column
Content Type
Adding Content Types
Demo – A-3: Adding a Word Template as a Content Type
Demo – A-4: Using a Custom Content Type
Unit 06 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 4hrs

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