Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010: Basic (R2)

Course Overview
This course covers the basic functions and features of PowerPoint 2010. After an introduction to
PowerPoint’s window components and Help system, students will learn to create, save, and rearrange
presentations. Then they will format text, use drawing objects, work with graphics, and insert tables and
charts. They will then learn to use templates and themes, slide masters, and transition effects. Finally,
students will learn to proof, run, and print presentations.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 2m
Course Introduction
Unit 01 – Getting Started 16m
Topic A: The PowerPoint Window
The File Tab
Opening Presentations
Moving Between Slides
Demo – A-1: Opening and Running a Presentation
The PowerPoint Environment
Demo – A-2: Examining the PowerPoint Environment
Presentation Views
Demo – A-3: Observing Views
Adjusting Magnification
Demo – A-4: Zooming In and Out on a Slide
Closing a File and PowerPoint
Demo – A-5: Closing a Presentation and Closing PowerPoint
Topic B: Getting Help
PowerPoint Help
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 – New Presentations 22m
Topic A: Creating Presentations
Available Templates and Themes
Demo – A-2: Creating a New Blank Presentation
Entering Text on Slides
Demo – A-3: Entering Text on a Slide
Adding Slides
Adding Bulleted Text to a Slide
Demo – A-4: Adding and Editing Slides
Topic B: Saving Presentations
Saving a File for the First Time
Updating Presentations
Saving Presentations in New Folders
Topic C: Rearranging and Deleting Slides
Moving Slides in Normal View
Demo – C-1: Rearranging Slides in Normal View
Slide Sorter View
Demo – C-2: Rearranging Slides in Slide Sorter View
Deleting Slides
Demo – C-3: Deleting a Slide in Slide Sorter View
Topic D: Using Slides from Other Presentations
Slides from Other Presentations
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 – Formatting Slides 36m
Topic A: Formatting Text
Character and Paragraph Formatting
The Font Group
The Mini Toolbar
Demo – A-1: Applying Bold and Italic Formatting
Changing the Font
Changing the Font Size
Demo – A-2: Changing the Font, Font Size, and Font Color
Format Painter
Demo – A-3: Using the Format Painter to Copy Text Formatting
Changing the Bullet Style
Demo – A-4: Changing Bullet Styles
Numbered Lists
Demo – A-5: Creating a Numbered List
Topic B: Modifying Text
Finding and Replacing Text
Demo – B-1: Finding and Replacing Text
Moving Text or an Object
Copying Text or an Object
Demo – B-2: Cutting and Dragging Text
Demo – B-3: Copying Text to Another Slide
Demo – B-4: Using the Clipboard Pane
Topic C: Formatting Paragraphs
Aligning Text
Unit 03 Review
Unit 04 – Using Drawing Objects 38m
Topic A: Adding Shapes
Drawing Shapes
Demo – A-1: Using the Drawing Tools
Demo – A-2: Changing an Object’s Shape
Topic B: Modifying Objects
Demo – B-1: Applying Formatting to Objects
Duplicating Objects
Moving Objects
Demo – B-2: Duplicating, Deleting, and Moving Objects
Resizing Objects
A Smart Guide
Demo – B-3: Resizing an Object
Rotating Objects
Demo – B-4: Rotating an Object
Aligning Objects
Grids and Guides
Demo – B-5: Aligning Objects
Topic C: Using Text in Objects
Adding Text to Objects
Demo – C-1: Adding Text to an Object
Modifying Text in Objects
Demo – C-2: Formatting Text in an Object
Drawing Text Boxes
Demo – C-3: Creating Text Boxes
Demo – C-4: Formatting Text Boxes
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 – Working with Graphics 18m
Topic A: WordArt
Adding a WordArt Object
Topic B: Pictures
Inserting Pictures
Demo – B-1: Inserting a Picture
Picture Tools | Format Tab
Demo – B-2: Adjusting Pictures
Demo – B-3: Arranging and Grouping Overlapping Items
Topic C: Clip Art
Adding Clip Art
Unit 05 Review
Unit 06 – Using Tables and Charts 21m
Topic A: Tables
Table Structure
Adding Tables
Demo – A-1: Adding a Table
Rows and Columns Group Buttons
Demo – A-2: Modifying a Table
Selection Techniques
Demo – A-3: Formatting a Table
Demo – A-4: Adding Images to a Table
Topic B: Charts
Inserting a Chart
Demo – B-1: Creating a Chart
Demo – B-2: Changing the Chart Type
Demo – B-3: Formatting a Chart
Topic C: Diagrams
Choose a SmartArt Graphic
Unit 06 Review
Unit 07 – Modifying Presentations 37m
Topic A: Templates and Themes
Using Templates
Applying Multiple Design Themes
Topic B: Slide Masters
A Slide Master
Change the Slide Format
Demo – B-1: Examining the Elements of a Slide Master
Demo – B-2: Displaying Header and Footer Elements
Demo – B-3: Adding a Logo to a Slide Master
Demo – B-4: Changing the Default Font
Modify the Default Bullets
Demo – B-5: Modifying the Default Bullets
Add a New Slide Master
Delete a Slide Master
Topic C: Transitions and Timings
Set a Transition Effect for a Slide
Apply Transition Effects
Apply Transitions to Selected Slides
Demo – C-2: Setting a Transition for the Entire Presentation
Set Timing for a Slide Show
Demo – C-3: Adding Timings to a Slide Show
Rehearse Timings
Demo – C-4: Rehearsing Timings
Topic D: Speaker Notes
Adding Speaker Notes
Demo – D-1: Adding Speaker Notes
Add Headers and Footers to Notes
Header and Footer Dialog Box
Topic E: Slide Shows
Slide Shows for Speakers
Set Up Show Dialog Box
Set Up a Slide Show for a Kiosk
Unit 07 Review
Unit 08 – Proofing and Delivering Presentations 21m
Topic A: Proofing Presentations
The Spelling Dialog Box
The Thesaurus
Topic B: Running Presentations
Running a Presentation
Demo – B-1: Previewing and Running a Presentation
Hiding and Unhiding a Slide
Demo – B-2: Hiding and Unhiding a Slide
Topic C: Printing Presentations
Preview in Black and White
Changing the Page Setup
Demo – C-2: Modifying the Page Setup
Print Options
Printing Individual Slides
Print Output Options
Unit 08 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 3 hrs 30 min

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