Microsoft Office Access 2013: Part 3

Course Overview
This course provides students with knowledge and skills such as database management,
advanced form design, packaging a database, encrypting a database, and preparing a database
for multi-user access.
Course Introduction 2m
Course Introduction
Lesson 01 – Implementing Advanced Form Design 42m
Topic A: Add Controls to Forms
Types of Controls
Other Elements
The Original frmInventory View
The frmInventory Target Layout
Styling Elements
Demo 1-1: Changing the Tab Order on a Form
Topic B: Create Subforms
Demo 1-2: Creating a Subform
Topic C: Organize Information with Tabs Pages
Demo 1-3: Creating Tab Pages
Topic D: Enhance Navigation of Forms
Demo 1-4: Creating a Navigation Form
Topic E: Apply Conditional Formatting
Demo 1-5: Changing the Display of Data Conditionally
Lesson 01 Review
Lesson 02 – Using Data Validation 29m
Topic A: Field and Record Validation
Field and Record Navigation
Field Properties for a Number Data Type Field in tblInventory
Input Masks
Input Mask Characters
Lookup Lists
Demo 2-1: Validating Data with a Field Property
Topic B: Form Validation
Selecting the Type of Combo Box for a Form
Controls – List Box and Option Group
Demo 2-2: Using a Combo Box Control to Limit Option Values
Lesson 02 Review
Lesson 03 – Using Macros to Improve User Interface Design 40m
Topic A: Create a Macro
The Macro Builder Window and Action Catalog
Macro Actions and Positioning Arrows
Types of Macro Actions
Event Options Form Field
Macro Event Groups
Events and Supported Controls
Demo 3-1: Creating a Macro to Open a New Record on a Form
Topic B: Restrict Records Using a Condition
The OpenForm Macro Action with Where Condition
Demo 3-2: Using the Where Condition to Restrict Data
Topic C: Validate Data Using a Macro
Validate Data Using a Macro
Demo 3-3: Using a Macro to Validate Data
Topic D: Automate Data Entry Using a Macro
Event Properties for Automating Data Entry
Demo 3-4: Automating Data Entry with a Macro
Topic E: Convert a Macro to VBA
Macros and VBA
Demo 3-5: Converting a Macro to VBA
Lesson 03 Review
Lesson 04 – Using Advanced Database Management 27m
Topic A: Link Tables to External Data Sources
External Data Sources
Demo 4-1: Using an External Data Source
Topic B: Manage a Database
Modes to Open a Database
Maintaining a Database
Demo 4-2: Compacting and Repairing a Database
Topic C: Determine Object Dependency
The Object Dependencies Pane
Demo 4-3: Viewing Object Dependency
Topic D: Document a Database
Database Documenter
Demo 4-4: Using the Database Documenter
Topic E: Analyze the Performance of a Database
Analysis Results
Demo 4-5: Using the Performance Analyzer
Lesson 04 Review
Lesson 05 – Distributing and Securing a Database 32m
Topic A: Splitting a Database for Multiple User Access
Viewing Tables in a Split Database
Demo 5-1: Splitting a Database
Topic B: Implement Security
The Message Bar
Implementing Security
The Trust Center Dialog Box
Demo 5-2: Adding a Trusted Location
Topic C: Set Passwords
Password Guidelines
Demo 5-3: Setting a Database Password
Topic D: Convert an Access Database to an ACCDE File
ACCDE File Format
Creating an ACCDE File
Quick Start Database Templates Menu
Template Customization
Saving Your Database as a Template
Demo 5-4: Converting a Database to ACCDE Format
Topic E: Package a Database with a Digital Signature
Packaging a Database with Digital Signatures
Package and Sign
Lesson 05 Review
Lesson 06 – Managing Switchboards 17m
Topic A: Create a Database Switchboard
The Switchboard Manager’s Initial Message
The Switchboard Manager’s Main Screen
Demo 6-1: Creating a Simple Switchboard
Topic B: Modify a Database Switchboard
Demo 6-2: Modifying a Switchboard
Topic C: Set Startup Options
Startup Options for the Current Database
Error Checking Options
Demo 6-3: Setting Startup Options
Lesson 06 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 3h 9m

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