Microsoft Office Access 2013: Part 1

Course Overview
This course provides students with the knowledge and skills create a new database,
construct data tables, design forms and reports, and create queries.
Course Introduction 2m
Course Introduction
Lesson 01 – Getting Started with Access 1h 19m
Topic A: Orientation to Microsoft Access
Why Use a Database Application?
Transform Data into Knowledge
Using Access Instead of Excel
Using Access Instead of Other Databases
Demo 1-2: Launching Access and Opening a Database
Access 2013 Window Components
Demo 1-3: Navigating and Editing Data in Tables
Forms and Views
Record Navigation Bar
Demo 1-4: Navigating and Editing Data in a Form
The Capable Query
A Query Join
Demo 1-5: Using Queries
Demo 1-6: Using Reports
Demo 1-7: Exploring Access Ribbon Commands
Topic B: Create a Simple Access Database
Create a Simple Access Database
Saving Options
Initial Views
Field Data Types
Primary Key
Object Names
Demo 1-8: Creating a New Database
Demo 1-9: Creating and Testing a Form
Topic C: Get Help in Microsoft Access
Access Help Window
Demo 1-10: Getting Help in Access
Lesson 01 Review
Lesson 02 – Working with Table Data 36m
Topic A: Modify Table Data
Modify Table Data
Demo 2-1: Undoing Record Modifications
Quick Search
Demo 2-2: Using Quick Search to Find and Modify Records
Demo 2-3: Using Find and Replace to Modify Records
Adding Calculations to the Totals Row
Demo 2-4: Adding a Totals Row to a Datasheet
Topic B: Sort and Filter Records
Records in Ascending Order by Dept
Filtering Records
Demo 2-5: Sorting and Filtering Records
Topic C: Create Lookups
Table Relationship
The Relationships View
Foreign Keys
Referential Integrity
Demo 2-6: Examining the Purpose of a Primary Key
The Property Sheet
Demo 2-7: Configuring a Form Lookup Field
Lesson 02 Review
Lesson 03 – Querying a Database 47m
Topic A: Join Data from Different Tables in a Query
Query Object Views
Simple Query Wizard
Types of Queries
Demo 3-1: Creating a Query by Using the Query Wizard
Using Query Design to Create a Query
Types of Queries
Demo 3-2: Creating a Query by Using Query Design
Topic B: Sort and Filter Data in a Query
Query Criteria
A Comparison Operator
Logical Operators
Like Operator Examples
Demo 3-3: Filtering a Query Using a Comparison Operator
Demo 3-4: Filtering a Query Using a Wildcard
Zoom Dialog Box
Demo 3-5: Filtering a Query Using a Date Range
Topic C: Perform Calculations in a Query
Calculations in a Query
Demo 3-6: Performing Calculations
Lesson 03 Review
Lesson 04 – Creating Advanced Queries 35m
Topic A: Create Parameter Queries
Create Parameter Queries
Matching a Parameter Query
Using the Ampersand Operator
A Parameter Query Displays a Prompt
Demo 4-1: Creating a Parameter Query
Demo 4-2: Using Wildcards in a Parameter Query
Demo 4-3: Creating a Query with Multiple Parameters
Topic B: Create Action Queries
Action Queries
Action Query Update Expression
Demo 4-4: Creating Action Queries
Topic C: Create Unmatched and Duplicate Queries
Find Unmatched and Find Duplicate Queries
Demo 4-5: Creating Queries to Search for Unmatched and Duplicate Records
Topic D: Summarize Data
Crosstab Queries & Display Details
Analyzing Country of Origin
Demo 4-6: Creating a Crosstab Query
Lesson 04 Review
Lesson 05 – Generating Reports 30m
Topic A: Create a Report
Report Creation Tools
Report Object Views
The Report Wizard
Demo 5-1: Creating Reports
Demo 5-2: Using the Report Wizard
Topic B: Add Controls to a Report
Sections in a Report
The Completed Report
Demo 5-3: Adjusting Report Control Layout
Topic C: Enhance the Appearance of a Report
Galleries and Themes
Demo 5-4: Enhancing the Appearance of a Report
Topic D: Prepare a Report for Print
Page Setup Options
Print Preview Tab
Demo 5-5: Preparing a Report for Print
Lesson 05 Review
Lesson 06 – Customizing the Access Environment 7m
Topic A: The Access Options Dialog Box
Access Options
Demo 6-1: Setting Access Options
Lesson 06 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 3h 56m

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