Managing Project Teams

Course Overview

Utilize the Managing Project Teams training to learn how to properly build, nurture, and manage your team. From identifying and utilizing strategies when managing a working team, to effectively closing out a project with your team, this course is a must have for Project Managers.

It is recommended that you have familiarity with the use of teams in the workplace.

This course is intended for individuals charged with successfully leading a team.

Course Outline

Course Introduction 4m

Lesson 1 – Knowing Your Team 1h 8m
Knowing Your Team
Identify the Elements of a Team
Team Concept
Team Concept – Real Life Example
Team Members
Stakeholders – Real Life Example
How to Identify the Elements of Your Team – Guidelines
Identifying Elements of a Team – Assessment Activity
Interaction Within a Team
Group Dynamics
Team Diversity
Team Diversity – Real Life Example
Team and Task Roles
Task Roles
Team and Task Roles – Definition
Team and Task Roles – Real Life Example
How to Interact Within a Team – Guidelines
Interacting Within a Team – Assessment Activity
Communication Within the Team
The Communication Process
Communication Methods
Active Listening
Active Listening – Real Life Example
How to Communicate with the Team – Guidelines
Communicate Within a Team – Assessment Activity
Identify Standards
Project Charter
How to Identify Standards – Guidelines
Identifying Standards – Assessment Activity
Reflective Questions
Lesson 1 Review

Lesson 2 – Managing Your Team 59m
Managing Your Team
Identifying Management Needs
Management Styles
Team Management Tools
Resources – Real Life Example
Team Member Ownership
How to Identify Management Needs – Guidelines
Identifying Management Needs – Assessment Activity
Providing Feedback
Rewards And Recognition
How to Provide Feedback – Guidelines
Providing Feedback – Assessment Activity
Maintain Team Momentum
Team Momentum
Assessing and Evaluating Progress
Resource Management
Team Advocacy – Real Life Example
How to Maintain Team Momentum – Guidelines
Maintaining Team Momentum – Assessment Activity
Identify Management Challenges
How to Identify Management Challenges – Guidelines
Identifying Management Challenges – Assessment Activity
Close Out a Project
Celebrating Success
Assessing Accomplishments and Deficiencies
How to Close Out a Project – Guidelines
Closing Out a Project – Assessment Activity
Reflective Questions
Lesson 2 Review

Course Closure

Total Duration: 2h 13m

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