Microsoft Office 2010: New Features

Course Length: 1 Day
Course Overview
This course will introduce students to the new interfaces and features of Microsoft Office 2010
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. Students will learn about the new features that
are shared between all products in the Office suite, as well as the new features that are product
This course is designed for students with experience using prior versions of the Microsoft Office suite.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 1 m
Unit 01 – The Office 2010 Interface 56m
Topic A: Office Interface Elements
The Excel Ribbon (Home Tab)
The Cell Styles Gallery in Excel
Demo – A-1: Using the Ribbon
Live Preview
Demo – A-2: Using Live Preview
Dialog Box Launcher
Demo – A-3: Using the Dialog Box Launcher
Quick Access Toolbar
Demo – A-4: Adding a Command to the Quick Access Toolbar
Status-bar View Buttons in Excel
Zoom Buttons and Slider Bar
Demo – A-5: Using the Status Bar
Topic B: New Ribbon Features
Minimize the Ribbon
Demo – B-1: Hiding and Showing the Ribbon
Customize the Ribbon
Demo – B-2: Rearranging Ribbon Tabs
Hide and Remove Tab Elements
Demo – B-3: Hiding and Removing Tabs and Groups
Create Custom Tabs and Groups
Demo – B-4: Creating a Tab
Reset the Ribbon
Demo – B-5: Resetting the Ribbon
Topic C: Microsoft Office Backstage View
Backstage View in Word
The Document Panel
File Type Options
Demo – C-1: Viewing and Editing Document Properties
Print Settings
Demo – C-2: Specifying Print Settings
Options for Saving Documents
Recovering a Draft
Demo – C-3: Recovering a Draft of a Previously Saved File
Demo – C-4: Finishing a Document
PDF Document Created in Word
Demo – C-5: Saving a File as a Static Document
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 – New Word Features 14m
Topic A: Formatting Options
Format Text Effects Dialog Box
Demo – A-1: Applying Text Effects
Demo – A-2: Adjusting a Picture’s Color
Topic B: The Navigation Pane
Use the Navigation Pane to Find Text
Demo – B-1: Using the Navigation Pane to Search for Text
Outline Levels
Browse Headings and Pages
Demo – B-2: Organizing an Outline
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 – New Excel Features 24m
Topic A: Sparklines
Create Sparklines Dialog Box
Demo – A-1: Inserting a Sparkline
Topic B: PivotTables and Slicers
A PivotTable
Create a PivotTable
Demo – B-1: Creating a PivotTable
Add Fields to a PivotTable
Demo – B-2: Adding Fields to a PivotTable
Insert a Slicer
PivotTable with Slicers
Demo – B-3: Using Slicers to Filter PivotTable Data
Topic C: PivotCharts
Create a PivotChart
A PivotChart
Demo – C-1: Creating a PivotChart
Unit 03 Review
Unit 04 – New PowerPoint Features 33m
Topic A: Reading View
Reading View
Demo – A-1: Previewing and Running a Presentation
Topic B: Sections
Add Sections
Demo – B-1: Adding Sections
Demo – B-2: Renaming Sections
Demo – B-3: Moving Sections
Printing Sections
Demo – B-4: Printing a Section
Topic C: Media Clips
Video Playback Controls
Demo – C-1: Adding a Video Clip
Video Tools | Format Tab
Demo – C-2: Formatting a Video
Trim Video Dialog Box
Demo – C-3: Specify Video Playback Options
Topic D: Animations
Animation Tags
Demo – D-1: Animating Text and Objects
Demo – D-2: Using the Animation Printer
Topic E: Broadcasting a Slide Show Online
Broadcasting a Slide Show
Broadcast Slide Show Dialog Box
Questions and Answers
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 – New Outlook Features 42m
Topic A: The Outlook Interface
The Outlook 2010 Window
Outlook-Specific UI Elements
Demo – A-1: Exploring the Outlook Window
Context-Sensitive Tabs
Demo – A-2: Examining Tabs
Topic B: Conversation Management
Message Composition Window
Demo – B-1: Creating and Sending a Message
Reply to a Message
Demo – B-2: Replying to a Message
Demo – B-3: Exploring Conversations
Conversation Management
Demo – B-4: Managing Conversations
Topic C: Quick Steps
Quick Steps
Demo – C-1: Using Quick Steps
Configure Quick Steps
Demo – C-2: Configuring a Quick Step
Creating a Quick Step
Demo – C-3: Creating a Quick Step
Topic D: The People Pane
Outlook Social Connector
People Pane
Demo – D-1: Examining the People Pane
Expanded People Pane
Demo – D-2: Viewing Custom Photos in the People Pane
Contact Card
Pinning a Contact Card
Demo – D-3: Viewing Contact details
Unit 05 Review
Unit 06 – New Access Features 17m
Topic A: The Access 2010 Environment
Tabbed Documents
Demo – A-1: Using the Document Window
Topic B: Data Features
Lookup Fields
A Lookup List
Demo – B-1: Preparing to use the Lookup Wizard
Demo – B-2: Creating a Lookup List
Attachment Data Type
Demo – B-3: Using the Attachment Data Type
Demo – B-4: Using the Data Type Gallery
Unit 06 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 3h 7m

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