Effective Legal Office Administration

Course Overview
This course teaches students about certification for paralegals, the law office, billing,
preparing legal documents, litigation, contracts, torts, criminal law and procedure, family
law, business law, real estate, estate planning and guardianship, and bankruptcy.
Course Introduction 2m
Course Introduction
Lesson 01 – Certification for Paralegals 11m
Certification for Paralegals
NALA Certification
NAFP Certification
NALS Certification
Paralegal or Legal Assistant?
Exam Format
Demo – Paralegal Practice Test
Examination for Certification
Preparation for Certification
Lesson 01 Review
Lesson 02 – The Law Office 52m
The Law Office
Ethical Considerations
Maintaining Integrity
Unauthorized Practice of Law
Maintaining Integrity (slide 13)
The Basics
The Basics: The Legal Team
The Basics: Types of Law Practices
The Basics: Sole Practitioner
Client Relations
Dealing With Mail
File Management
Use Of Technology
Demo – Using Excel in a Legal Office
Use of Technology (Cont.)
Skills that Every Legal Secretary Should Have:
Demo – Office Management Resources
Skills that Every Legal Secretary Should Have: (Cont.)
Lesson 02 Review
Lesson 03 – Billing 43m
How Attorney’s Charge
Factors that Impact an Attorney’s Fee
Understanding Billing
Demo – Sample Invoice
Time and Cost Entries
Demo – Law Office Management Program
Time and Cost Entries (Cont.)
Trust Accounts
Docket Administration
Lesson 03 Review
Lesson 04 – Preparing Legal Documents 32m
Preparing Legal Documents
Basic Preparation
Begin The Case
Basic Preparation (Cont.)
The Title
The Body
Signature and COS
Answer (Cont.)
Legal Citations
Legal Research
The Law Library
Demo – Online Legal Research
Lesson 04 Review
Lesson 05 – Litigation 27m
What is Litigation
Opening the File
Delivery of Documents
Additional Pleadings
Motions Prior to Trial
What is Discovery?
Demo – Deposition Summary
Motions Prior To Trial (Cont.)
Demo – Motion
Motions During Trial
Lesson 05 Review
Lesson 06 – Contracts 27m
The Basics
Demo – Sample Fee Agreement
The Essential Elements
Demo – Sample Child Care Contract
Remedies for Breach of Contract
General Damages
Consequential Damages
Reliance Damages
Specific Performance
Lesson 06 Review
Lesson 07 – Torts 42m
The Goal of Tort Law
The Basics
Injunctive Relief
There are 3 Main Types of Torts
Intentional Torts
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
Strict Liability
Demo – Discovery Request
Lesson 07 Review
Lesson 08 – Criminal Law and Procedure 41m
Criminal Law and Procedure
The Basics
The Basics
Elements of a Crime
Levels of Mens Rea
Definitions of Some Common Crimes
Defining Some Common Crimes
Demo – Robbery Statute
The Basics (Cont.)
Some of the Defenses a Defendant may Use
Defenses Continued
Criminal Procedure
4th Amendment
The Procedures
4th Amendment (Cont.)
The Procedures
5th Amendment
5th Amendment Procedures
Miranda Warnings
5th Amendment Procedures (Cont.)
6th Amendment Procedures
Demo – Docket Sheet
Lesson 08 Review
Lesson 09 – Family Law 34m
Family Law
Before the Marriage
Demo – Premarital Agreement
Before the Marriage (Cont.)
Marriage (Cont.)
No Fault Divorce
Demo – Complaint for Divorce
Child Custody
Support Agreements
The Attorney’s Role in a Divorce
Uniform Laws
Lesson 09 Review
Lesson 10 – Business Law 57m
Business Law
Types of Organizations
Sole Proprietorship
The Sole Proprietor
Partnerships (Cont.)
Limited Liability Partnership
Partnerships (Continued)
Demo – Articles of Incorporation
Demo – Corporate By-Laws
Corporations (Cont.)
Limited Liability Companies
Demo – Incorporation Questionnaire
Lesson 10 Review
Lesson 11 – Real Estate 42m
Real Estate
The Basics
Basic Ownership Rights
4 Methods of Acquiring Property
Real Estate Practice
The Basics on Estates
Types of Concurrent Ownership
Documenting Transactions
Recording Transactions
Warranty Deed Sample
Sample Mortgage
Purchase Transactions
Purchase Agreement
Documenting Transactions
Demo – Sample Lease
Demo – Sample Eviction Letter
Demo – Sample Purchase Offer
Lesson 11 Review
Lesson 12 – Estate Planning and Guardianship 41m
Estate Planning and Guardianship
The Basics
Estate Plan Documents
Intestate Succession
Right to Inherit
Characteristics of a Will
Characteristics of a Will – Signature
Types of Wills
Nuncupative Will
Types of Wills ( Cont’d)
Demo – Last Will and Testament
Types of Trusts and Funding
Elements of a Trust
Types of Trusts and Funding (Cont.)
Elder Law
Uniform Probate Code
Guardianships or Conservatorships
Demo – General Power of Attorney
Lesson 12 Review
Lesson 13 – Bankruptcy 21m
The Basics
Filing a Chapter 7 Case
The Chapter 7 Case
Means Testing
The Automatic Stay & 341 Meeting
During the Chapter 7
Demo – Bankruptcy Resources
Chapter 11 Cases
Chapter 13 Cases
Types of Debt
Dischargeable and Non-Dischargeable Debt
Lesson 13 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 7h 51m

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