Effective Human Resource Administration

Course Overview

This course teaches students about the fundamentals of motivation, individual and group behavior, the informal organization, technology and people at work, productivity and quality improvement, job redesign and job enrichment, fundamentals of leadership, developing, appraising, and rewarding employees, communicating for effectiveness, managing conflict and change, and human relations in global business.

Course Introduction-7m

Lesson 01 – Effective Human Resource Administration Overview 21m
Effective Human Resource Administration Overview
Effective HR Administration – Overview
Effective HR Administration – Introduction
The HR Assistant Role in Successful HR Administration
Lesson 01 Review

Lesson 02 – Fundamentals of Motivation 1h 50m
Fundamentals of Motivation
Motivation – What is it?
The Need Hierarchy
The Two-Factor Theory
Motivation – The Two-Factor Theory
The Two-Factor Theory (Cont.)
Applying the M-H Theory
The M-H Theory in Perspective
Expectancy Theory
Expectancy Theory Perspective
The Practical Side of Rewards
Creating a Recognition Program
What Do Employees Want
Lesson 02 Review

Lesson 03 – Individual Behavior 1h 8m
Individual Behavior
Opinions Really Count
The Individual
Interpersonal Behavior
Assertiveness Training
Motivational Profiles
Lesson 03 Review

Lesson 04 – Group Behavior 1h 33m
Group Behavior
Definition of a Group
Stages of Group Development
Characteristics of Groups
Intragroup Behavior
Intergroup Behavior
Power Struggles
Conflict Resolution
Team Building
Demo – Strengths Finder Team Matrix
Lesson 04 Review

Lesson 05 – The Informal Organization 44m
The Informal Organization
Nature of Informal Organization
Benefits of Informal Organization
Disadvantages of Informal Organizations
Dealing with Informal Organizations
Lesson 05 Review

Lesson 06 – Technology and People at Work 1h 1m
Technology and People at Work
The Evolution
Research and Development
Postindustrial Society
Sociotechnical Challenge
Knowledge-Based Organizations
Workplace Violence
Technology – Workplace Violence
Workplace Violence (Cont.)
Stressed Employees
Workplace Violence (Cont..)
Lesson 06 Review

Lesson 07 – Productivity and Quality Improvement 1h
Productivity and Quality Improvement
Quality Challenges
Participative Approaches
Lesson 07 Review

Lesson 08 – Job Redesign and Job Enrichment 23m
Job Redesign and Job Enrichment
Work in America
Nature of Job Redesign
Core Job Dimensions
Motivating Potential Score
Job Enrichment Principles
Challenges in Job Design
Job Enrichment Principles (Cont.)
Challenges in Job Design (Cont.)
Lesson 08 Review

Lesson 09 – Fundamentals of Leadership 1h 59m
Fundamentals of Leadership
Nature of Leadership
Employee Assumptions
Common Behaviors
Contingency Leadership
The Next Decade
Virtual Teams
Multitasking Skills
Demo – Multitasking Skills
Multitasking Skills (Cont.)
Internal Leaders
Lesson 09 Review

Lesson 10 – Developing, Appraising, and Rewarding Employees 1h 49m
Developing, Appraising, and Rewarding Employees
Employee Development
Performance Appraisal
Demo – Management By Objectives
Performance Appraisal (Cont.)
Demo – 360 Degree Feedback
Performance Appraisal (Cont..)
Demo – Individual Development Plan
Appraisal Problems
Performance and Rewards
Lesson 10 Review

Lesson 11 – Communicating for Effectiveness 1h 24m
Communicating for Effectiveness
Technology’s Impact
The Process
Choosing a Medium
Effective Communications
Steps in the Process
Demo – The Communication Model
Simple Language
Effective Listening
Writing Skills
Speaking Skills
Lesson 11 Review

Lesson 12 – Managing Conflict and Change 58m
Managing Conflict and Change
Nature of Conflict
Managing Conflict
Nature of Change
Responses to Change
Dimensions of Change
Basic Steps in Change
Participation and Communication
Lesson 12 Review

Lesson 13 – Human Relations in Global Business 43m
Human Relations in Global Business
Multinational Enterprise
International Culture
Integrating the Dimensions
Impact at Work
HR Challenges
Development Global Perspective
Lesson 13 Review

Course Closure

Total Duration: 15h

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