Windows 7: Advanced

Course Length: 1 Day
Course Overview
This course is intended for students with some experience with Windows, preferably Windows 7.
Students will learn some of the more advanced techniques for working with the Windows 7
environment. In addition to topics such User Accounts and installing devices and printers, file
management and protection techniques will be addressed. Students will also learn how to use
utilities such as System Restore and configure networking in Windows 7.
This course is intended for students with some experience with Windows, preferably Windows 7.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 3m
Course Introduction
Unit 01 – User Accounts 27m
Topic: Account Management
User Account
Two Types of User Accounts
User Account Privileges
Administrator and Guest Accounts
Manage Accounts
Creating a User Account
Editing a User Account
Account Pictures
Deleting Accounts
To Make Administrative Changes
Switching User Accounts
Ctrl+Alt+Delete Account Options
Demo – User Accounts
Topic: Password Management
Password Rules
Password Guidelines
Creating an Account Password
Disabling an Account
Demo – Delete and Disable Users
The Computer Management Window
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 – Devices and Printers 20m
Topic: Devices
Interacting With Your Devices
Device Stage
The Device and Printers Window
Troubleshooting Devices
Windows ReadyBoost
Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media
Demo – Devices
Topic: Printers
Adding a Printer
Changing a Default Printer
Printing Terms
Canceling a Print Job
Removing a Printer
Demo – Printers
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 – File Management and Protection 29m
Topic: File and Folder Management
File Attributes
Setting File Attributes
Open the Folder Options Dialog Box
Demo – Files and Folders
Topic: File Protection
Backup and Restore
Configure Automatic Backups
Demo – Backup
Restoring Files and Folders
Demo – Restore
BitLocker To Go
Demo – BitLocker
Unit 03 Review
Unit 04 – Programs and Utilities 37m
Topic: Disk Maintenance
Disk Cleanup
Clean Up a Drive and Free Up Space
Demo – Disk Cleanup
Disk Defragmenter
Demo – Disk Defragmenter
Demo – Install a Program
Demo – Uninstalling a Program
Topic: System Restore
Restore Points
Creating a Restore Point
Demo – Create Restore Point
Restoring a PC to a Previous State
Demo – Using Restore Points
Topic: Troubleshooting
Windows Troubleshooting
Demo – Task Manager
Demo – Troubleshooting Problems
The Program Compatibility Wizard
The Problem Steps Recorder (PSR)
Demo – PSR
Advanced Startup Options
Demo – Advanced Startup Options
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 – Networks and Mobile Computing 50m
Topic: Networks
Components of a Network
Local Area Network
Internet Connection Options
Network Models and Resources
Workgroups and Homegroups
The Network and Sharing Center
Network Locations
Remote Connection Options
Connect to a Workplace with a VPN
Demo – VPN
Connect to a Workplace Window
Topic: File and Printer Sharing
Network Sharing Options
Sharing via Public Folders
Sharing Files with Specific Users
Demo – Folder Sharing
Unit 06 – Security 48m
Topic: User Account Control
Standard User Account Security
User Account Control Settings
Changing the UAC Settings
Demo – UAC
Topic: Windows Firewall
Windows Firewall
View the Status of Windows Firewall
Enable or Disable Windows Firewall
Set Windows Firewall Exceptions
Demo – Windows Firewall
Topic: Windows Update
Windows Updates
Configuring Automatic Updates
Checking for Updates
Demo – Windows Update
Topic: Malware Protection
Malware Types
The Action Center
Antivirus Software
Windows Defender
Configuring Windows Defender
Demo – Windows Defender
Topic: Internet Explorer Security and Privacy
Security Zones
Custom Security Zones
Configuring the SmartScreen Filter
Clearing your Browsing History
Change Settings for Temporary Files
Third-party Cookies
InPrivate Browsing
InPrivate Filtering
Demo – Internet Explorer
Unit 06 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 3h 34m

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