SWITCH: Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks

Course Overview
This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to implement Cisco IP switched
Course Introduction 4m
Course Introduction
Module 01 – Network Design 1h 28m
Network Design
Cisco Hierarchical Model
Hierarchical Design (eNotes)
Access Layer
Distribution Layer
Core Layer
Collapsed Core Option
Collapsed Core (eNotes)
Types of Switches
Routed vs. Switched Architecture (eNotes)
Layer 2 Switching
Other Switching Tables
Multilayer Switching at the Access Layer
How the Frame is Re-written at L3
Cisco Distributed Hardware Model
Switching Methods
Switching Methods (eNotes)
Route Caching
Topology-based Switching
What is SDM
The New CDP
Turning on LLDP
Supplying Device Power
What Power Options You Have
What can be Powered?
PoE Standards
PoE (eNotes)
PoE Negotiation
Configuring PoE
Module 01 Review
Module 02 – CAN 3h 12m
VLAN Review
CAM/VLAN (eNotes)
Why VLANs?
Configuring a VLAN
Demo – Basics of VLANs
Demo – Creating a Trunk
Native VLAN
Trunk Connections
VLAN Deployment
Local VLANs
VLAN Types (eNotes)
Voice VLANs
Demo – Configuring a Voice VLAN
Connecting the AP
VTP Modes (eNotes)
VTP Neighbors
VTP Versions
Demo – Examining VTP
Using DHCP
DHCP Configuration Options
DHCP Commands
Other DHCP Configurations
Demo – Configuring DHCP
DHCP Issues
DHCP and IPv6
SLAAC (eNotes)
DHCP Can Still Be Used
Demo – Configure Stateless DHCP
EtherChannel Protocols
EtherChannel Requirements
What Must Match
Demo – Configure EtherChannel
EtherChannel Load Balancing
Demo – Load Balancing EtherChannel
Module 02 Review
Module 03 – Spanning Tree 2h 19m
Spanning Tree
Review STP
Types of STP
STP Operation (eNotes)
BPDU (eNotes)
Types of BPDUs
Electing the Root Bridge
Root Bridge (eNotes)
STP Transition States
Demo – Verify PVST
Influencing the Root Bridge Election
Changing Cost and Priority (eNotes)
STP Path Manipulation
Demo – STP Path Manipulation
STP Convergence Time
RSTP Port States
Change of Port States
STP Toolkit
STP Security
UplinkFast (eNotes)
BackboneFast (eNotes)
PortFast and BPDU Guard (eNotes)
BPDU Filter
Root Guard
Demo – PortFast and BPDU Guard
Unidirectional Problems (eNotes)
Loop Guard
Alternative to Loop Guard
Flex Links
Flex Links (eNotes)
What is MST
MST Design (eNotes)
Migrating to MST
Module 03 Review
Module 04 – Inter-VLAN Routing 1h 9m
Inter-VLAN Routing
Router on a Stick
Demo – Router on a Stick
Pros and Cons of an External Router
Using an MLS
SVI (eNotes)
Routed Switch Ports
Demo – SVI
L3 Switch Interface (eNotes)
Requirements for an SVI
EtherChannel on L3
Module 04 Review
Module 05 – Advanced Switch Configuration Options 1h 56m
Advanced Switch Configuration Options
First: Time Setting
Demo – Setting the Clock Manually
NTP Modes
Example Setup (eNotes)
Demo – Configure NTP
Hierarchy Options of NTP
Demo – Securing NTP
NTP Versions
Overview of SNMP
Versions of SNMP
SNMP Best Practices
Steps to Configure SNMPv3
Demo – Configure SNMPv3
What is Cisco IP SLA?
GET IOS IP SLA Diagram (eNotes)
IP SLA Source/Responder
SLA (eNotes)
Demo – SLA Configuration
SLA Operation with Responder (eNotes)
Responder Time Stamps
Demo – Configuring SLA Responder
Introducing SPAN
Remote SPAN
Simple Steps to Configure SPAN
Steps to Configure RSPAN
Benefits of a Virtual Switch Chassis
Introducing StackWise
StackWise (eNotes)
Benefits of StackWise
Switch Supervisors
Supervisor Redundancy Modes
Introducing VSS
VSS Benefits
Module 05 Review
Module 06 – L3 FHRP 1h 25m
The Need for FHRP (eNotes)
Example of FHRP (eNotes)
HSRP – Topology (eNotes)
Configuration of HSRP (eNotes)
Demo – Configuring HSRP
What is HSRP Pre-empt
HSRP State Transition
HSRP State Transitions
Can You Load Share?
Interface Tracking
Tracking Objects (eNotes)
Demo – Configuring Tracking
Tracking Objectives
HSRP Timers
HSRP Versions
What is VRRP
VRRP (eNotes)
Demo – Configuring VRRP
VRRP Settings
VRRP Authentication
VRRP Tracking
Introducing GLBP
GLBP Roles
GLBP Election
Overview of GLBP (eNotes)
GLBP Load Sharing
Module 06 Review
Module 07 – Security 1h 41m
Security Issues
Switch Security
Best Practice
Rogue Devices
Attacks on Switches
MAC Flooding (eNotes)
Port Security (eNotes)
Demo – Port Security
Port Based ACL
Storm Control
Demo – Storm Control
AAA Framework
Types of Authentication
RADIUS and TACACS+ (eNotes)
Demo – Configuring TACACS/RADIUS
Limitations of Both
Identity Based Networks
802.1X (eNotes)
Configuring 802.1X
DHCP Spoofing Attacks (eNotes)
Cisco DHCP Snooping (eNotes)
IP Source Guard
ARP Spoofing (eNotes)
Switch Spoofing
VLAN Hopping
Why PVLANs (eNotes)
PVLAN Port Types
Protected Ports
Module 07 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 13h 15m

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