Scrum Master Certified (SMC)

Course Overview 

This course provides students with an introduction to Scrum. It also teaches students about Scrum aspects, meetings in Scrum, and facilitating projects in Scrum.

Course Introduction 3m

Chapter 01 – Course Introduction 8m
Lesson: Course Introduction
Welcome to the Course!
Scrum/Agile Mentoring Community
Why Are You Here?
Using Bloom’s Taxonomy
What do you Expect?
Housekeeping in the Classroom & Online
Conventions Used
Quizzes & Exercises
Scrum Certification Exams
Getting Started

Chapter 02 – Introduction to Scrum 43m
Introduction to Scrum
Learning Objectives
Terms to Know
Lesson: Scrum Overview
Scrum Overview
Project Management as a Discipline
Software Development Lifecycle Management
Traditional PM
Agile History
Agile Manifesto Principles 1-5
Agile Manifesto Principles 6-12
Agile Methods
Scrum History
Scrum Benefits
Scrum Scalability
Lesson: Scrum Concepts & Principles
Scrum Principles
Empirical Process Control
Value-Based Prioritization
Iterative Development
Scrum Aspects
Lesson: Scrum Phases & Processes
Scrum Phases
Plan & Estimate
Review & Retrospect
Lesson: Introduction to Scrum Summary
Introduction to Scrum Summary
Chapter Quiz

Chapter 03 – Scrum Aspects 1h 3m
Scrum Aspects
Learning Objectives
Terms to Know
Lesson: Roles and Organization in Scrum
Identify the Scrum Master
Scrum Master Responsibilities
Scrum Master Authority
Identify the Product Owner
Product Owner Responsibilities
Product Owner Authorities
Forming the Scrum Team
Scrum Team Responsibilities
Scrum Team Authorities
Identify the Stakeholders
Fundamental Differences with Traditional PM
Lesson: Business Justification
Value-Driven Delivery
Business Justification and the Project Lifecycle
Business Justification Techniques
MoSCoW Analysis
100-Point Method
Kano Analysis
Continuous Value Justification
Confirm Benefits
Lesson: Quality
Quality Definition
Acceptance Criteria
Definition of Done
Quality Management in Scrum
Lesson: Change
Supporting Change
Unapproved and Approved Change Requests
Flexibility vs. Stability
Integrate Change
Lesson: Risk
Risks vs. Issues
Risk Attitude
Risk Identification
Risk Assessment
Risk Prioritization
Risk Mitigation
Risk Burndown Chart
Minimizing Risk in Scrum
Lesson: Scrum Aspects Summary
Scrum Aspects Summary
Chapter Quiz

Chapter 04 – Meetings in Scrum 1h 22m
Meetings in Scrum
Learning Objectives
Terms to Know
Lesson: Project Vision Meeting
Create The Project Vision
Project Vision Meeting
JAD Sessions
SWOT Analysis
Gap Analysis
Outputs of Project Vision Meeting
Lesson: User Group Meetings
Create the Prioritized Product Backlog
Developing Epics
Epics & Personae
User Group Meetings
Writing User Stories
User Story Acceptance Criteria
Lesson: Sprint Planning Meeting
The Task or Sprint Planning Meeting
Two Parts of a Task Planning Meeting
Planning Poker
Fist of Five
Points for Cost Estimation
Other Estimation Techniques
Use Index Cards
Determine Dependencies
Establishing Estimation Criteria
Creating the Sprint Backlog
Sprint Burndown Chart
Sprint Tracking Metrics
Outputs from Sprint Planning Meeting
Lesson: Conducting the Daily Standup (or Daily Scrum)
The Daily Standup Meeting
Three Daily Questions
The War Room
Outputs from Conduct Daily Standup
Lesson: Grooming the Prioritized Product Backlog Meeting
Product Backlog Review Meetings
Facilitate Communications
Lesson: Sprint Review Meeting
Sprint Review Meeting
Outputs of Sprint Review Meeting
Lesson: Retrospect Sprint Meeting
The Retrospect Sprint Meeting
Explorer-Shopper-Vacationer-Prisoner (ESVP)
Speed Boat
Metrics & Measurement Review
Outputs from Retrospect Sprint Meeting
Lesson: Release Planning Meeting
Conduct Release Planning Meeting
Outputs of Release Planning
Piloting Plan
Organizational Deployment Methods
Communications Plan
Lesson: Meetings in Scrum Summary
Meetings in Scrum Summary
Chapter Quiz

Chapter 05 – Facilitating Projects in Scrum 36m
Facilitating Projects in Scrum
Learning Objectives
Terms to Know
Lesson: Scrum Artifacts
Prioritized Product Backlog
Product Backlog Items
Ship Deliverables
Outputs from Ship Deliverables
Definition of Done
Sprint Backlog
Sprint Burndown Chart
Sprint Burndown Chart – Graphic
Release Burndown Chart
Release Burndown Chart – Graphic
Lesson: Creating Deliverables
Creating the Deliverables
Building Deliverables in Scrum
Lesson: Convening a Scrum of Scrums
Projects, Programs, and Portfolios
Scrum of Scrums
Four Questions per Team
Outputs from Scrum of Scrums
Manage Distributed Teams
Working with Distributed Scrum Teams
Lesson: Facilitating Projects in Scrum Summary
Facilitating Projects in Scrum Summary
Chapter Quiz

Course Closure

Total Duration: 3h 55m

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