Scrum Developer Certified (SDC)

Course Overview

This course provides students with an introduction to Scrum. It also teaches students about initiating, planning and estimating, and implementing a project, Sprint review and retrospect, and release.

Course Introduction 2m

Chapter 01 – Course Introduction 8m
Lesson: Course Introduction
Welcome to the Course!
Scrum/Agile Mentoring Community
Why Are You Here?
Using Bloom’s Taxonomy
What do you Expect?
Housekeeping in the Classroom & Online
Conventions Used
Quizzes & Exercises
Scrum Certification Exams
Getting Started

Chapter 02 – Introduction to Scrum 44m
Introduction to Scrum
Learning Objectives
Terms to Know
Lesson: Scrum Overview
Scrum Overview
Project Management as a Discipline
Software Development Lifecycle Management
Tradtional PM
History of Agile
Agile Manifesto Principles 1-5
Agile Manifesto Principles 6-12
Agile Methods
Scrum History
Scrum Benefits
Scrum Scalability
Lesson: Scrum Concepts & Principles
Scrum Principles
Empirical Process Control
Value-Based Prioritization
Iterative Development
Scrum Aspects
Lesson: Scrum Phases & Processes
Scrum Phases
Plan & Estimate
Review & Retrospect
Lesson: Chapter Summary
Introduction to Scrum Summary
Chapter Quiz

Chapter 03 – Initiating a Project 43m
Initiating a Project
Learning Objectives
Terms to Know
The Scrum Cycle Initiation
Lesson: Creating the Project Vison
Create The Project Vision
Project Vision Meeting
JAD Sessions
SWOT Analysis
Gap Analysis
Outputs of Creating a Project Vision
Lesson: Identifying the Scrum Master
Identify the Scrum Master
Identify the Stateholders
Lesson: Forming the Scrum Team
Form the Scrum Team
Outputs of Forming the Scrum Team
Lesson: Developing Epics
Develop Epics
Epics and Personae
Outputs from Developing Epics
Lesson: Creating the Prioritized Product Backlog
Create the Prioritized Product Backlog
MoSCow Analysis
Paired Comparison
100-Point Method
Kano Analysis
Other Considerations and Inputs for Prioritization
Outputs of Planning the Prioritized Backlog
Lesson: Release Planning
Conduct Release Planning
Outputs of Release Planning
Lesson: Chapter Summary
Initiating a Project Summary
Chapter Quiz

Chapter 04 – Planning & Estimating a Project 33m
Planning & Estimating a Project
Learning Objectives
Terms to Know
The Scrum Cycle – Plan and Estimate
Lesson: Creating User Stories
User Story Meetings and Workshops
Write User Stories
User Story Acceptance Criteria
Outputs for Writing User Stories
Lesson: Approve, Estimate & Commit User Stories
User Group Meetings
Planning Poker
Fist of Five
Points for Cost Estimation
Other Estimation Techniques
Outputs from Approve, Estimate & Commit User Stories
Lesson: Create Tasks
Task Planning Meeting
Two Parts of a Task Planning Meeting
Use Index Cards
Determine Dependencies
Outputs for Create Tasks
Lesson: Estimating Tasks
Task Estimation Meetings
Establish Estimation Criteria
Output for Estimating Tasks
Lesson: Creating the Sprint Backlog
Create the Sprint Backlog
Sprint Burndown Chart
Sprint Tracking Metrics
Output of Creating the Sprint Backlog
Lesson: Chapter Summary
Planning & Estimating a Project Summary
Chapter Quiz

Chapter 05 – Implementing a Project 20m
Implementing a Project
Learning Objectives
Terms to Know
Lesson: Creating Deliverables
Create the Deliverables
Build Deliverables
Outputs for Creating Deliverables
Lesson: Conducting the Daily Standup (or Daily Scrum)
Conduct the Daily Standup Meeting
Three Daily Questions
The War Room
Manage Distributed Teams
Outputs from Conduct Daily Standup
Lesson: Grooming the Prioritized Product Backlog
Product Backlog Review Meetings
Facilitate Communications
Outputs of Grooming the Prioritized Product Backlog
Lesson: Chapter Summary
Implementing a Project Summary
Chapter Quiz

Chapter 06 – Sprint Review and Retrospect 25m
Sprint Review and Retrospect
Learning Objectives
Terms to Know
The Scrum Cycle – Review and Retrospect
Lesson: Convene a Scrum of Scrums
Projects, Programs & Portfolios
Scrum of Scrums
Four Questions per Team
Outputs from Scrum of Scrums
Lesson: Demonstrating & Validating Sprint
Sprint Review Meeting
Track Overall Progress
Outputs of Demonstrate & Validate Sprint
Lesson: Retrospect Sprint
Conduct the Retrospect Sprint Meeting
Explorer-Shopper-Vacationer-Prisoner (ESVP)
Speed Boat
Metrics & Measurement Review
Outputs from Retrospect Sprint
Lesson: Chapter Summary
Sprint Review & Retrospect Summary
Chapter Quiz

Chapter 07 – Release 16m
Learning Objectives
Terms to Know
Lesson: Ship Deliverables
Ship Deliverables
Pilot Plan
Organizational Deployment Methods
Communications Plan
Outputs from Ship Deliverables
Lesson: Retrospect Project
Conduct the Retrospect Project Meeting
Tools & Techniques
Outputs from Retrospect Project
Lesson: Chapter Summary
Release Summary
Chapter Quiz

Course Closure

Total Duration: 3h 11m

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