Microsoft Office Excel 2010: Basic (R2)

Course Overview
This course teaches the basic functions and features of Excel 2010. After an introduction to spreadsheet
terminology and Excel’s window components, students will learn how to use the Help system and
navigate worksheets and workbooks. Then they will enter and edit text, values, formulas, and pictures,
and they will save workbooks in various formats. Students will also move and copy data, learn about
absolute and relative references, and work with ranges, rows, and columns. This course also covers
simple functions, basic formatting techniques, and printing. Finally, students will create and modify
charts, and learn how to manage large workbooks.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 1m
Unit 01 – Getting Started 17m
Topic A: Spreadsheet Terminology
Spreadsheet Components
Topic B: The Excel Environment
Excel Window Components
Enhanced ScreenTips
Demo – B-1: Examining Excel Window Components
Topic C: Getting Help
The Excel Help Window
Demo – C-1: Getting Help with Using Excel
Topic D: Navigating a Worksheet
Worksheet Navigation Methods
Demo – D-1: Navigating a Worksheet
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 – Entering and Editing Data 28m
Topic A: Entering and Editing Text and Values
Spreadsheet with Text and Values
Demo – A-1: Entering Text and Values
Editing Text and Values
Demo – A-2: Editing Cell Contents
Using AutoFill
Using AutoFill to Fill a Month Series
Demo – A-3: Using AutoFill to Fill a Series
Topic B: Entering and Editing Formulas
Demo – B-1: Creating a Basic Formula
Entering Formulas
Entering Cell References with Mouse
Order of Operations
Demo – B-2: Entering Cell References with the Mouse
Demo – B-3: Editing a Formula
Demo – B-4: Working with the Order of Operations
Topic C: Working with Pictures
Add an Image to a Worksheet
Worksheet with a Picture
Demo – C-1: Inserting and Modifying a Picture
Topic D: Saving and Updating Workbooks
Saving Workbooks
Demo – D-1: Saving a New Workbook
Demo – D-2: Saving a File as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook
Saving a Worksheet as a PDF
Demo – D-3: Saving a Worksheet as a PDF File
Demo – D-4: Editing and Updating a Workbook
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 – Modifying a Worksheet 33m
Topic A: Moving and Copying Data
Moving Data in Worksheets
Demo – A-1: Moving Data in a Worksheet
Copying Data
Demo – A-2: Copying Data in a Worksheet
Moving Data by Dragging It
Copying Data by Dragging It
Demo – A-3: Moving and Copying Data by Using Drag-and-Drop
The Office Clipboard
Demo – A-4: Using the Clipboard Task Pane
Topic B: Moving and Copying Formulas
Relative References
Demo – B-1: Moving a Formula
Demo – B-2: Copying a Formula
Demo – B-3: Using AutoFill to Copy a Formula
Demo – B-4: Using Paste Link
Topic C: Absolute and Relative References
Demo – C-1: Observing the Limitations of Relative References
Absolute References
Mixed References
Demo – C-2: Applying Absolute References
Topic D: Inserting and Deleting Ranges, Rows, and Columns
Inserting a Range
Demo – D-1: Inserting a Range of Cells
Inserting Rows or Columns
Demo – D-2: Inserting Rows
Deleting a Range
Demo – D-3: Deleting a Range of Cells
Unit 03 Review
Unit 04 – Functions 30m
Topic A: Entering Functions
Range Reference
The Error Checking Button
The Trace Error Button
Syntax Errors
Demo – A-1: Entering a SUM Function
Demo – A-2: Using the Mouse to Enter a Function Argument
Demo – A-3: Entering a Function in the Formula Bar
Inserting Functions
Demo – A-4: Inserting a Function
Topic B: AutoSum
AutoSum Button
Demo – B-1: Using AutoSum
Topic C: Other Common Functions
AVERAGE Function
Demo – C-1: Using AVERAGE
MIN Function
Demo – C-2: Using MIN
MAX Function
Demo – C-3: Using MAX
COUNT Function
Demo – C-4: Using COUNT and COUNTA
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 – Formatting 47m
Topic A: Text Formatting
The Font Group
Demo – A-1: Formatting Text
Selecting a Non-Contiguous Range
Demo – A-2: Formatting a Non-Contiguous Range
Formatting Cells
Demo – A-3: Using the Format Cells Dialog Box to Format Text
Topic B: Row and Column Formatting
Changing Column Widths
Demo – B-1: Changing Column Width and Row Height
Demo – B-2: Applying Color to a Row
The Merge & Center Button
Demo – B-3: Setting Alignment
The Borders Menu
Demo – B-4: Applying Borders to Cell Ranges
Using the Border-Drawing Pencil
Demo – B-5: Using the Border-Drawing Pencil
Paste Special Dialog Box
Topic C: Number Formatting
Number Formatting
Demo – C-1: Using the Number Group to Format Numbers
The Number Tab
Demo – C-2: Exploring the Number Tab
Topic D: Conditional Formatting
Conditional Formatting Menu
New Formatting Rule Dialog Box
Rules Manager
Demo – D-1: Creating a Conditional Format
Demo – D-2: Editing and Deleting a Conditional Format
Topic E: Additional Formatting Options
Copying and Clearing Formats
Demo – E-1: Copying Formats
Demo – E-2: Using AutoFill to Copy a Format
Applying a Cell Style
The Cell Styles Gallery
Format a Table
Demo – E-3: Applying Cell Styles
Demo – E-4: Applying Table Styles and Sorting Data
Demo – E-5: Using Find and Replace to Change Formatting
Unit 05 Review
Unit 06 – Printing 28m
Topic A: Preparing to Print
Using the Spelling Checker
Demo – A-1: Checking Spelling in a Worksheet
Using Find and Replace
Demo – A-2: Finding and Replacing Text
Page Layout View
Demo – A-3: Previewing a Worksheet
Topic B: Page Setup Options
Changing Scaling Settings
Demo – B-1: Setting Page Orientation and Scaling
Setting Custom Margins
Demo – B-2: Adjusting Margins
Adding Headers and Footers
Demo – B-3: Creating Headers and Footers
Demo – B-4: Formatting Headers and Footers
Demo – B-5: Printing Gridlines and Headings
Topic C: Printing Worksheets
Sheet Options in Page Setup
When You’re Ready to Print…
Printing a Selection
Demo – C-1: Printing a Selected Range
Unit 06 Review
Unit 07 – Charts 17m
Topic A: Chart Basics
Creating a Chart
Demo – A-1: Creating a Chart
Demo – A-2: Moving a Chart Within a Workbook
Chart Elements
Demo – A-3: Examining Chart Elements
Demo – A-4: Creating and Editing a Pie Chart
Topic B: Formatting Charts
Changing the Chart Type
Demo – B-1: Applying Chart Types and Chart Styles
Adding Axis Labels
Demo – B-2: Modifying Chart Elements
Unit 07 Review
Unit 08 – Managing Large Workbooks 34m
Topic A: Viewing Large Worksheets
Freezing Rows and/or Columns
Arranging Windows
Demo – A-1: Locking Rows and Columns
Demo – A-2: Opening and Arranging New Windows
Splitting a Worksheet into Panes
Demo – A-3: Splitting a Worksheet into Panes
Hiding a Column
Unhiding Columns
Hidden Columns
Demo – A-4: Hiding and Unhiding Columns and Worksheets
Demo – A-5: Minimizing the Ribbon
Topic B: Printing Large Worksheets
Set Print Titles for a Worksheet
Demo – B-1: Setting Print Titles
Page Break Preview
Demo – B-2: Adjusting Page Breaks
Demo – B-3: Inserting Different Even and Odd Headers
Topic C: Working with Multiple Worksheets
Demo – C-1: Navigating Between Worksheets
Renaming a Worksheet
Formatting Worksheet Tabs
Demo – C-2: Naming Worksheets and Coloring Tabs
Inserting a Worksheet
Moving a Worksheet
Deleting a Worksheet
Demo – C-3: Working with Multiple Worksheets
Printing Multiple Worksheets
Demo – C-4: Previewing and Printing Multiple Worksheets
Unit 08 Review
Unit 09 – Graphics and Screenshots 20m
Topic A: Conditional Formatting with Graphics
Data Bars
Conditional Formatting Rules Manager
Demo A-1: Creating Data Bars
Color Scales
Demo A-2: Using Color Scales
Icon Sets
Demo A-3: Creating Icon Sets
Topic B: SmartArt Graphics
Creating SmartArt Graphics
Demo B-1: Inserting a SmartArt Graphic
Quick Style and Bevel Effects
Demo B-2: Modifying a SmartArt Graphic
Topic C: Screenshots
Insert a Screenshot
Demo C-1: Inserting a Screenshot
Clip a Portion of a Screen
Demo C-2: Modifying a Screenshot
Unit 09 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 4h 15m

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