Microsoft Office Access 2016: Part 1

Course Overview
This course will introduce students to Microsoft Access 2016, as well as teach them how to
work with table data, query a database, use forms, and generate reports.
Course Introduction 3m
Course Introduction
Chapter 01 – Getting Started with PowerPoint 55m
Topic A: Orientation to Microsoft Access
Transform Data into Knowledge
Using Access Instead of Excel
Using Access Instead of Other Databases
Access as a Web Development Tool
Demo – Launching Access and Opening a Database
Access 2016 Window Components
Record Navigation Bar
Table Relationship
Demo – Navigating and Editing Data in Tables
Demo – Navigating and Editing Data in Forms
A Query Join
Demo – Using Queries
Sample Report
Demo – Using Reports
Demo – Exploring Access Ribbon Commands
Topic B: Create a Simple Access Database
Database Templates
Web App Templates
Demo – Creating a New Database
Topic C: Get Help and Configure Options in Microsoft Access
Access Help Window
Access Options
Demo – Getting Help and Setting Access Options
Chapter 01 Review
Chapter 02 – Working with Table Data 24m
Topic A: Modify Table Data
Autocorrect Menu
Demo – Undoing Record Modifications
Record Navigation Bar
Demo – Using Quick Search to Find and Modify Records
Find and Replace Dialog Box
Demo – Using Find and Replace to Modify Records
Datasheet Totals
Demo – Adding a Totals Row to a Datasheet
Topic B: Sort and Filter Records
Sorting by Dept
Demo – Sorting and Filtering Records
Chapter 02 Review
Chapter 03 – Querying a Database 38m
Topic A: Create Basic Queries
Query Object Views
Simple Query Wizard
Query Wizard Options
Demo – Creating a Query by Using a Query Wizard
Using Query Design to Create a Query
Demo – Creating a Query by Using Query Design
Topic B: Sort and Filter Data in a Query
Query Criteria
A Comparison Operator
Logical Operators
Demo – Filtering a Query Using a Comparison Operator
Demo – Filtering a Query by Using a Wildcard
Zoom Dialog Box
Demo – Filtering a Query by Using a Date Range
Topic C: Perform Calculations in a Query
Demo – Performing Calculations in a Query
Chapter 03 Review
Chapter 04 – Using Forms 30m
Topic A: Create Basic Access Forms
Demo – Creating and Testing a Form
Topic B: Work with Data on Access Forms
Demo – Viewing and Changing Data in a Form
The Property Sheet
Demo – Setting Form Properties
The Relationships View
Demo – Configuring a Form Lookup Field
Chapter 04 Review
Chapter 05 – Generating Reports 59m
Topic A: Create a Report
Report Creation Tools
The Report Wizard
Demo – Creating Reports
Demo – Using the Report Wizard
Topic B: Add Controls to a Report
Sections in a Report
Some Controls
The Completed Report
Demo – Adjusting Report Control Layout
Topic C: Enhance the Appearance of a Report
Demo – Enhancing the Appearance of a Report
Topic D: Prepare a Report for Print
Demo – Preparing a Report for Print
Topic E: Organize Report Information
The Group, Sort, and Total Pane
The Field List Pane
Demo – Making Report Design Modifications
Topic F: Format Reports
Rich Text Property
Report Format Options
Property Sheet Controls
Useful Control Properties
Keep Together Property Settings
Force New Page Property Options
Demo – Formatting a Report
Chapter 05 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 3h 28m

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