LookingGlass – Quality Management (PQM01)

Course Overview 

This course provides students with extensive project quality management skills. Students will first go through the concept of quality, customer input to quality, how to plan quality, quality control, and finally the Six Sigma methodology.

Course Introduction 2m

Chapter 01 – Concept of Quality 1h
Concept of Quality
Grade vs. Quality
Quality Management
Impact of Poor Quality
Key Terms
The Five Major Cost Categories
8 Categories of Waste
Thought Leaders
8.1 Plan Quality Management
8.2 Perform Quality Assurance
8.3 Control Quality

Chapter 02 – Customer Input to Quality 10m
Customer Input to Quality
Customer Types
Customer Impacts
Defining Customer Requirements
Project Characteristics/Attributes

Chapter 03 – Plan Quality 14m
Plan Quality
Quality Planning
Scope Statement
Product Description
Operational Definitions
Cause and Effect Diagrams
Process Flowcharting
Design of Experiments
Quality Management Plan
Types of Plans
A Good Quality Assurance System

Chapter 04 – Quality Control 32m
Quality Control
Cost of Quality
7 Basic Quality Tools
Key Concepts
Trend Analysis
A Good Quality System Will
Control Charts
Control Charts Key Terms
In Control
Pareto Diagrams
Statistical Sampling Terms
Acceptance Sampling
Advantages of Acceptance Sampling
Disadvantages of Acceptance Sampling
Quality Circles
Quality Control vs. Assurance
Continuous Improvement

Chapter 05 – Six Sigma 22m
Six Sigma
Performance Aspects of Six Sigma
Defects Per Million Opportunities
Six Sigma Advantages
Making Six Sigma Work
Do You Have A Six Sigma Philosophy?
The Steps
Implementing Six Sigma in Projects
The Six Sigma Methodology
The 6 Six Sigma Challenges – Scope
The 6 Six Sigma Challenges – Training
The 6 Six Sigma Challenges – Implementation Model
The 6 Six Sigma Challenges – Communication
The 6 Six Sigma Challenges – Measuring Progress
The 6 Six Sigma Challenges – Risk Management
Course Closure

Total Duration: 2h 20m

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