LookingGlass – Executive Strategy & Management (ESM01)

Course Overview
Executive Strategy & Management is designed to help executives and senior managers
develop a well formed organizational strategy and other essential documents and plans
for success. At the end of the course, students will be able to develop a real-world strategy
document for their organization and possess the elements necessary to put this plan into
Course Introduction 3m
Course Introduction
Section 01 – The Basics of Project Management 42m
The Basics of Project Management
What is Project Management?
Projects vs. Operations
The First Rule of Projects
The Triple Constraints
The Facts
What Knowledge Do You Need?
What Is Project Management All About?
So How Does An Organization Attain Predictable Results?
Project Boundaries
The Spectrum Diagram
PMBOK Guide Knowledge Areas
Every Project Should Have
The Major Project Documents
The Project Charter
The Statement of Work
The Project Management Plan
The Project Data Sheet (PDS)
The Reporting Information Flow
The Basic Planning Steps
Section 02 – The Keys to Success 21m
The Keys to Success
Why Projects Fail
Performance & Maturity
Elevation Equals Performance
The Big Ideas
What Causes Delays
Section 03 – Strategy Basics 49m
Strategy Basics
The Value of Organizations
Financial Measures, Why They Fail
Barriers to Implementing Strategy
The Balanced Scorecard
Roles & Responsibilities
A Sample Strategy Map
The Balanced Scorecard For Profit
The Nonprofit Balanced Scorecard
The Customer Perspective
The Internal Process Perspective
The Financial Perspective
The Employee Learning & Growth Perspective
Deciding Who Should Implement
Mission, Values, Vision & Strategy
5 Key Questions For Change
The Mission Statement
Gast’s Law
Core Values – Key Questions
Concluding Thoughts
Six Things to Do When You Get Home
You Must Invert The Pyramid
Course Closure
Total Duration: 1h 55m

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