ITIL Orientation

Course Overview
This training course is an effective way to introduce an Executive management team to the concepts,
relationships and benefits of an IT Service Management program using well accepted IT
frameworks, methods and standards.
Senior IT and business executives, IT management, staff, consultants, project managers, business
liaisons and others interested in learning about IT Service Management
Course Introduction 3m
ITIL’s Lifecycle Approach to IT Service Management 2hr 27m
Lesson: Introduction to IT Service Management – The Continual Improvement of IT Services
IT’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
ITSM’s Value to the Business
IT Service Management (ITSM)
Critical Success Factors (CSF)
Need to Know ITSM Concepts
IT Service Provider Model
IT Service Provider Domain Map
IT Governance – Control Framework
IT Service Lifecycle Management – Management Framework
IT Resource Management – Program/Project Methods
IT Quality Management – Six Sigma Methods
IT Security Management – ISO/IEC Security Standards
IT Service Provider Capability Model
The Service Provider Model Deployed
Good Practice
IT Service Management
Function – Process – Role
Lesson: Introduction to ITIL – Guidance for the Planning, Design, Transition, Operation and
Continual Improvement of IT Services
ITIL History
ITIL Description
IT Service Management Lifecycle
The IT Service Management Lifecycle
Managing Services with ITIL
Lesson: Service Strategy – Service Value Planned
The Service Lifecycle
Managing across the Lifecycle
Purpose, Goals & Objectives of Service Strategy
Scope of Service Strategy
Value of Service Strategy
Service Strategy Processes
Service Strategy – Principles
Value Creation
Utility & Warranty
Capabilities & Resources
Service Provider Types
Service Portfolio
Service Portfolio Management
Lesson: Service Design – Service Value Modeled
Service Design
Managing across the Lifecycle
Purpose, Goals & Objectives of Service Design
Scope of Service Design
Value of Service Design
The Context of Service Design
Principles of Service Design
Service Portfolio Design
Architecture & Technology Design
Process Design
Measurement Design
Service-Oriented Architecture
Lesson: Service Transition – Service Value Implemented
The Service Lifecycle
Managing across the Lifecycle
The Service Transition Model
Purpose, Goals & Objectives of Service Transition
Scope of Service Transition
Value of Service Transition
Principles of Service Transition
Lesson: Service Operation – Service Value Delivered & Supported
The Service Lifecycle
Managing Across the Lifecycle
Purpose, Goals & Objectives of Service Operation
Scope of Service Operation
Value of Service Operation
Fundamentals of Service Operation
The Principle of Service Operation
Service Operation Technology Domains
Lesson: Continual Service Improvement – Sustaining Service Value
The Service Lifecycle
Managing Across the Lifecycle
Purpose, Goals & Objectives of CSI
Scope of CSI
Value of CSI
Principles of CSI
CSI Approach
Business Questions for CSI
CSI & Organizational Change
CSI Register
Knowledge Management
PDCA & Continual Improvement
Service Measurement
Frameworks, Models & Quality Systems
7-Step Improvement Process
Lesson: ITIL Orientation Summary
Chapter 01 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 2h 30m

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