ITIL: Continual Service Improvement (CSI) – (Revision 1.6)

Course Overview
This hands-on course leads to a Certificate in ITIL Service Lifecycle Management – Continual Service
Improvement. Upon successful completion, students can expect to gain competency in continual Service
Improvement Principles, continual Service Improvement Processes, continual Service Improvement
Methods and Techniques, continual Service Improvement technology related activities, organization and
technology for Continual Service Improvement, and understanding Implementation approaches,
challenges, and critical success factors & risks. The main focus is the Lifecycle itself, the use of process
and practice elements used within it, and the management capabilities needed to deliver quality Service
Management practices in an organization.
Course Outline
Course Introduction 3m
Course Introduction
Chapter 01 – Course Introduction 13m
Lesson: Course Organization
Welcome to the Course!
Mentoring Community Introductions
Why Are You Here?
Using Bloom’s Taxonomy
What do you Expect?
Housekeeping Online
Lesson: Course Conventions & Agenda
Conventions Used
Quizzes & Exercises
ITIL Qualification Scheme
ITIL Lifecycle Exam
Getting Started with an Online Class
Chapter 01 Review
Chapter 02 – Continual Service Improvement 44m
Lesson: Introduction to CSI
CSI & the Service Lifecycle
Managing Across the Lifecycle
Purpose, Goals, & Objectives of CSI
Scope of CSI
Value of CSI
Lesson: Principles of CSI
Principles of CSI
CSI Approach
Business Questions for CSI
CSI & Organizational Change
CSI Register
Service Level Management
Knowledge Management
PDCA & Continual Improvement
Value of Benchmarking
Service Measurement
Metrics & Measurement
7-Step Improvement Process
Frameworks, Models & Quality Systems
Role Definitions
Lesson: CSI Summary
Continual Service Improvement Summary
CSI Checkpoint
Chapter 02 Review
Chapter 03 – 7-Step Improvement Process 47m
Lesson: 7-Step Improvement Introduction
Purpose, Goals & Objectives
Business Value
Policies, Principles & Concepts
Lesson: 7-Step Improvement Activities
7-Step, Activities, Methods & Techniques
Step 1 – Strategy for Improvement
Step 2 – Define Measurement
Step 3 – Gather Data
Step 4 – Process Data
Step 5 – Analyze Information & Data
Vision to Measurement
Step 6 – Present & Use Information
Service Level Agreement Monitoring Chart
Step 7 – Implement Improvement
Lesson: Lifecycle Integration
Lifecycle Integration
Financial Management
Service Level Management
Availability & Capacity Management
Security Management
Change Management
Incident Management & Service Desk
Problem Management
Metrics & Measures
Reporting Policy & Rules
Lesson: 7-Step Improvement Context
Triggers, Inputs & Outputs
Critical Success Factors
Challenges & Risks
Lesson: 7-Step Improvement Process Summary
7-Step Improvement Process Summary
Chapter 03 Review
Chapter 04 – Reporting, Methods & Technology 1hr 3m
Lesson: Reporting & Measurement
Reporting & Measurements
Service Measurement
Measurement & Reporting Frameworks
Reporting Levels
Management Domains
Measurement Definition
Setting Targets
Process Measurements
Measurement Framework Grid
Scorecard & Reports
Return on Investment
CSI & Service Level Management
Lesson: CSI Methods & Techniques
Methods & Techniques
Gap Analysis
Service Gap Model
Measurement & Reporting Frameworks
Balanced Scorecard
S.W.O.T. Analysis
The Deming Cycle
Other Lifecycle Process & Methods
Continuity Management
Problem Management
Change, Release & Deployment Management
Knowledge Management
Lesson: Technology for CSI
Tools & Technology
IT Service Management Suits
System & Network Management
Event Management
Incident/Problem Management
Performance Management
Statistical Analysis
Project & Portfolio Management
Financial Management
Business Intelligence Reporting
Lesson: Reporting, Methods & Technology Summary
Reporting, Methods & Technology Summary
Chapter 04 Review
Chapter 05 – CSI Organization & Implementation 47m
Lesson: Organizing for CSI
Organizing CSI
Mapping Activities & Skills
Who Does What to Whom?
The RACI Model
Functional Role Analysis
Activity Analysis
Roles & Responsibility
Service Owner
Process Owner
Process Manager
Process Practitioner
CSI Manager
Lesson: Implementing CSI
Getting Started
CSI & Organizational Change
Communication Strategy & Plan
Roles & Inputs to CSI Approach
Critical Success Factors
Lesson: CSI Technology & Implementation Summary
CSI Organization & Implementation Summary
Chapter 05 Review
Total Duration: 3hrs 37m

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