IC3 GS4: Key Applications

Course Outline
Course Introduction 3m
Course Introduction
Module 01 – Application Features 1h 20m
Application Features
Commands and Features in Common
Demo – Commands and Features in Common
Commands and Features in Common (Cont.)
Demo – Print Options
Commands and Features in Common (Cont..)
Demo – Editing Functions
Commands and Features in Common (Cont…)
Demo – Preferences
Demo – Getting Help
Commands and Features in Common (Cont….)
Demo – Selecting
Demo – Formatting
Navigating Applications
Demo – Navigating Applications
Demo – Multimedia
Module 01 Review
Module 02 – Working with Word Processing 45m
Working with Word Processing
Adding a
Manual Page Break
Demo – Adding and Deleting Manual Page Breaks
Demo – Inserting Page Numbers
A Header
Demo – Creating a Header and Footer
Demo – Editing a Header and Footer
The Margins Tab
Demo – Changing Margins and Page Orientation
Demo – Clearing
Tabs and Setting Other Types of Tabs
Paragraph Alignments
Demo – Changing Paragraph Alignments
Demo – Setting Indents
Working with Data
Demo – Creating a Table
Adding Rows and Columns
Demo – Adding Rows and Columns
Demo – Adding Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Define New Bullet Dialog Box
Demo – Editing Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Module 02 Review
Module 03 – Working with Spreadsheets 49m
Working with Spreadsheets
Entering Cell References with Mouse
Demo – Entering Cell References with the Mouse
Demo – Setting Alignment
Worksheet Navigation Methods
Demo – Navigating a Worksheet
Saving Workbooks
Demo – Saving a New Workbook
Demo – Editing and Updating a
Demo – Applying Table Styles and Sorting Data
Demo – Creating a Basic Formula
Entering Formulas
Demo – Editing a Formula
Demo – Using the Number Group to Format Number
Adding Headers and Footers
Demo – Formatting Headers and Footers
Charts and Graphs
Demo – Creating a Chart
Chart Elements
Demo – Examining Chart Elements
Demo – Creating and Editing a Pie Chart
Module 03 Review
Module 04 – Making a Presentation 1h 8m
Making a Presentation
Opening Presentations
Demo – Opening and Running a Presentation
Updating Presentations
Using Content
Character and
Paragraph Formatting
Changing the Font
Changing the Font Size
Finding and
Replacing Text
Demo – Finding and Replacing Text
Adding Tables
Demo – Adding a Table
Inserting a Chart
Demo – Creating a Chart
Demo – Presentation Introduction
Moving Between Slides
Adding Slides
Demo – Adding and Editing
Slides from Other Presentations
Slide Design
Demo – Slide Design
Inserting Pictures
Demo – Inserting a Picture
Adding Clip Art
Module 04 Review
Module 05 – Databases 34m
What is a Database?
Demo – Record Management
Demo – Queries and Reports
Database Security
Module 05 Review
Module 06 – Collaboration 18m
Collaborating with Others
Methods of Sharing Data
Demo – Sharing Files
Module 06 Review
Total Duration: 4h 57m

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