Customer Service Basics

Course Overview

This course teaches students about understanding customer service, focusing on the customer, customer service and the telephone, handling complaints, and enduring stress.

Course Introduction 1m

Lesson 01 – Understanding Customer Service 31m
Topic A: Understanding Customer Service
What is Customer Service?
What is Customer Care?
Who is the Customer?
Wow! Service
Build Relationships
Barriers to Excellent Customer Service
Overcoming these Barriers
Topic B: Identifying Customer Expectations
Customers Want Someone Who…
Customers Don’t Want Someone Who…
Customer Support Stats
Five Service Quality Factors
Topic C: Providing Excellent Customer Service
Characteristics of an Exceptional Service Provider
Excellent Customer Service Mindset
Developing an Excellent Customer Service Strategy
Define the Current Situation
Define all Targets and Values
Implement Excellent Customer Service Strategy
Stay in Tune with Customers’ Changing Needs
Lesson 01 Review

Lesson 02 – Focusing on the Customer 8m
Focusing on the Customer
Guidelines for Making Positive Impressions
Identify and Meet Customer Needs
Questioning Techniques
Effective Listening Technique
Making a Positive Impression
Who Needs Follow-up?
Follow-up Methods
Lesson 02 Review

Lesson 03 – Customer Service and the Telephone 9m
Customer Service and the Telephone
Telephone Etiquette
Answer the Telephone
Using Your Voice
Showing You Are Listening
Procedure for Transferring Calls
Taking Meaningful Messages
Lesson 03 Review

Lesson 04 – Handling Complaints 13m
Handling Complaints
Why Customers Don’t Complain
View Complaints as Opportunities
Five Forbidden Phrases
Service Recovery
Guidelines for Dealing with Difficult Customers
Cope with Upset and Difficult Customers
Lesson 04 Review

Lesson 05 – Enduring Stress 14m
Enduring Stress
Sources of Stress
Managing Your Reaction to Stress
Identifying Your Beliefs
Challenging Irrational Thoughts
Using Questions to Challenge Thinking
Take Preventive Measures
Lesson 05 Review

Course Closure

Total Duration: 1h 16m

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