Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (CPTE)

Module 01 – Logistics of Pen Testing 25m
Logistics of Pen Testing
Module 02 – Linux Fundamentals 22m
Linux Fundamentals
Module 03 – Information Gathering 36m
Information Gathering
Module 04 – Detecting Live Systems 34m
Detecting Live Systems
Module 05 – Enumeration 25m
Module 06 – Vulnerability Assessments 20m
Vulnerability Assessments
Module 07 – Malware Goes Undercover 28m
Output Analysis and Reports
Module 08 – Windows Hacking 39m
Windows Hacking
Module 09 – Hacking UNIX/Linux 36m
Hacking UNIX/Linux
Module 10 – Advanced Exploitation Techniques 29m
Advanced Exploitation Techniques
Module 11 – Pen Testing Wireless Networks 34m
Pen Testing Wireless Networks
Module 12 – Networks, Sniffing and IDS 42m
Networks, Sniffing and IDS
Module 13 – Injecting the Database 26m
Injecting the Database
Module 14 – Attacking Web Technologies 30m
Attacking Web Technologies
Module 15 – Project Documentation 17m
Project Documentation
Total Duration: 7hrs 26m

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