70-697: Configuring Windows Devices

Course Overview
This course will teach students about what’s new in Windows 10, Windows 10 deployment,
deploying virtual Windows 10 desktops, configuring device settings, connecting Windows 10 to
networks, sharing data and printers, managing apps, securing Windows 10 devices, monitoring
and maintaining Windows 10, managing users in the enterprise, managing desktops and
applications in the enterprise, and managing devices in the enterprise.
Course Introduction 4m
Course Introduction
Chapter 01 – What’s New in Windows 10 1h 1m
Topic A: What Makes Windows 10 Different?
What Makes Windows 10 Different?
Topic B: Primary Feature Overview
Primary Feature Overview
Topic C: Navigating and Using Windows 10
Demo – Exploring the Start Menu
Start Menu and Desktop
Demo – Windows 10 User Experience
Demo – Using Cortana to Search
The Settings App
Demo – Exploring the Settings App
Chapter 01 Review
Chapter 02 – Windows 10 Deployment 2h 6m
Topic A: Standard Windows 10 Deployment
Preparing for Installation
Demo – Exploring Windows Editions
32-bit and 64-bit
Demo – Windows ADK
Installation Options
Demo – Installing Windows 10
Upgrading and Migrating
Demo – Performing Upgrade from Windows 7
Demo – Reverting an Upgraded Computer
Topic B: Enterprise Deployment Strategies
Overview of Image Based Deployment
Automating Installations
Demo – Using SYSPREP
Windows PE
Demo – Working with DISM
Windows Activation
Chapter 02 Review
Chapter 03 – Deploying Virtual Windows 10 Desktops 39m
Topic A: Introduction to Client Hyper-V
Introduction to Client Hyper-V
Demo – Installing and Managing Hyper-V
Topic B: Creating Virtual Machines
Creating Virtual Machines
Demo – Creating Virtual Machines
Topic C: Managing Virtual Machine Storage and Snapshots
Managing Virtual Machine Storage and Snapshots
Demo – Managing Hard Drives and Snapshots
Chapter 03 Review
Chapter 04 – Configuring Device Settings 2h 9m
Topic A: Overview of Configuration Tools
Overview of Configuration Tools
Demo – Overview of Management Tools
Topic B: Common Configuration Options
Common Configuration Options
Demo – Using the Settings App
Topic C: Managing User Accounts
Managing User Accounts
Demo – Working with User Accounts
Benefits of Domain-based Environments and User Accounts
Demo – Working with Domain Accounts
Topic D: Using Control Panel
Demo – Using Control Panel
Topic E: Using Windows Administrative Tools
Using Windows Administrative Tools
Demo – Using Administrative Tools and Custom Consoles
Remote Server Administrative Tools (RSAT)
Demo – Installing RSAT
Remote Management
Demo – Using Remote Management Tools
Topic F: Using Windows PowerShell
Using Windows PowerShell
Demo – Introduction to PowerShell
Windows Powershell ISE
Demo – PowerShell ISE
WS-Management (WS-MAN)
Demo – Using PowerShell Remoting
Chapter 04 Review
Chapter 05 – Connecting Windows 10 to Networks 1h 51m
Topic A: TCP/IP Network Connectivity
TCP/IP Network Connectivity
Demo – Understanding IP Address and Masks
Demo – Configuring Network Connectivity
Topic B: Name Resolution
Name Resolution
Demo – Configuring Name Resolution
Topic C: Wireless Connectivity
Wireless Connectivity
Demo – Configuring Wireless Connections
Topic D: Remote Access Overview
Remote Access Overview
Demo – Configuring a VPN Connection
Topic E: Troubleshooting Connectivity
Troubleshooting Connectivity
Demo – Troubleshooting Connectivity
Chapter 05 Review
Chapter 06 – Sharing Data and Printers 1h 48m
Topic A: Managing Hard Disks
Managing Hard Disks
Demo – Disk Management Tools
Converting Disks from MBR to GPT
Demo – Managing Partitions and Volumes
Topic B: Managing Storage Spaces
Demo – Using Storage Spaces
Topic C: Overview of Data Access
Overview of Data Access
Topic D: Configuring and Managing File Access
Configuring and Managing File Access
Demo – Working with Permissions
Copying and Moving on Permissions
Topic E: Managing Shared Folders
Managing Shared Folders
Demo – Sharing Folders
Permissions for Access
Topic F: Understanding Work Folders
Understanding Work Folders
Topic G: Managing Printers
Managing Printers
Demo – Working with Printers
Chapter 06 Review
Chapter 07 – Managing Apps 34m
Topic A: Installing and Configuring Applications
Installing and Configuring Applications
Topic B: Managing Apps From the Windows Store
Managing Apps From the Windows Store
Topic C: Managing Web Browsers
Managing Web Browsers
Demo – Working with Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer 11 for Backward Compatibility
Chapter 07 Review
Chapter 08 – Securing Windows 10 Devices 1h 28m
Topic A: Security Overview
Security Overview
Topic B: Configuring Local Security
Configuring Local Security
Demo – Configuring Local Security
Demo – Configuring Windows Defender
Topic C: Securing Network Communications
Securing Network Communications
Demo – Configuring the Firewall
Demo – Using IPSec
Topic D: Configuring Data Security
Configuring Data Security
Demo – Managing BitLocker
Chapter 08 Review
Chapter 09 – Monitoring and Maintaining Windows 10 1h 18m
Topic A: Working with Updates
Working with Updates
Topic B: Monitoring and Optimizing
Monitoring and Optimizing
Demo – Using Performance Monitoring Tools
Potential Windows 10 Reliability Issues
Demo – Monitoring Reliability
Event Viewer
Demo – Using Event Viewer
Topic C: Managing Devices and Drivers
Managing Devices and Drivers
Demo – Working with Device Drivers
Topic D: Recovering Files and Devices
Recovering Files and Devices
Demo – Configuring File History
The Startup Files and Process
Chapter 09 Review
Chapter 10 – Managing Users in the Enterprise 41m
Topic A: Managing User Profiles
Managing User Profiles
Demo – Managing User Data
Topic B: User State Virtualization
User State Virtualization
Topic C: User Profile Migration
User Profile Migration
Chapter 10 Review
Chapter 11 – Managing Desktops and Applications in the Enterprise 1h 3m
Topic A: Using Group Policy to Manage Windows 10 Devices
Using Group Policy to Manage Windows 10 Devices
Demo – Examining GPOs
Local Security Customization
Demo – Troubleshooting GPOs
Topic B: Using Group Policy to Manage Applications
Using Group Policy to Manage Applications
Demo – Using AppLocker
Software Distribution within AD DS Domain Networks
Chapter 11 Review
Chapter 12 – Managing Devices in the Enterprise 47m
Topic A: The Enterprise Mobility Suite
The Enterprise Mobility Suite
Demo – Getting Started with Intune
Topic B: Managing Desktops and Mobile Clients
Managing Desktops and Mobile Clients
Topic C: Managing Updates and Endpoint Protection
Managing Updates and Endpoint Protection
Topic D: Managing Applications
Managing Applications
Chapter 12 Review
Course Closure
Total Duration: 15h 28m

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